Black Friday fall fashion deals


Anna Myers

With Black Friday right around the corner, many stores are holding month-long sales and deals to celebrate the event during COVID-19.

It is the fall season now, and Black Friday is right around the corner. Since the coronavirus is still prevalent in the United States, many stores have begun to have sales all month-long, online and in-store, to limit customer traffic. So it is a great idea to get a look at what some stores have to offer for the fall and coming winter season.


Hollister is starting Black Friday off with Pre-Black Friday sales and deals. The store is releasing sales all month long. Where around every three days, the company releases new deals to lead up to the 29th, where they are expected to release new merchandise along with the month’s biggest sales. One sale is there is a 40% off sale on all selected items throughout their store. This applies to all online orders and is only valid in select stores.  Another big sale the company is doing is they are releasing their famous jeans, starting at $25 and lowering prices on select jeans. Hollister has also released new fall clothes, with jackets, hoodies, and all-around cozy and warm items. These clothes have also been “Engineered for Cozy”, which is Hollister’s quality assurance. This means good quality clothing, for the coming Winter season.


Tillys also has some Pre-Black Friday sales going on this month. The store is doing a “Buy 1, Get 1, 50% off, Mix and Match” deal, where customers can buy one item and then get another same, or different item for 50% off. This sale applies to various, selected items, that range from hoodies, flannels, jeans, pants, and more. Tillys is also doing another “Buy 1, Get 1, 50% off” deal, but for the stores RSQ Jeans. The store has also released a huge extra 70% off sale on selected clearance items, and they are also releasing clothes for the fall and winter season. New hoodies, flannels, sweatshirts, graphics, and loungewear are now all available from the many famous brands the store offers.

Forever 21

Forever 21 also has “Pre-Black Friday Deals”, which all start at $9. Most of these sales only apply to the online shop and their app, however, and are used with discount codes featured on the sites. These deals give you 20% off a $50 purchase and 30% off a $75 purchase. 21 has also begun to sell cozy items that are a part of their fall collection. Such items are various jackets, long pants, and warm accessories. These are all a part of their “Cozy Sexy Cool” fall collection, which is starting at $12. The store does have a deal on some of these items. On the app only, there is a 30% off deal on select jackets, sweaters, and outerwear. Forever 21 is also doing a “Buy 3 get 1, Free” promotion, where a customer can buy 3 select “Holiday Gift” items, and get another 1 free. This sale is also strictly for online and in-app purchases.

Many other stores are also continuing to celebrate Black Friday. Retailers such as Hot Topic, H&M, Pacsun, and online discounted fashion shops, Romwe and Shein, are all also holding month-long sales. These stores are also releasing cozy/warm and some Holiday themed items for the winter months. So make sure to check out your favorite stores and retailers to see what they have in store, for this Black Friday.