The Precedent

With Black Friday right around the corner, many stores are holding month-long sales and deals to celebrate the event during COVID-19.

Black Friday fall fashion deals

Logan Cogley, Staff Reporter November 20, 2020

It is the fall season now, and Black Friday is right around the corner. Since the coronavirus is still prevalent in the United States, many stores have begun to have sales all month-long, online and in-store,...

Junior Brighton Owens heads into Target anticipating pre-Black Friday sales. During the weeks leading up to Black Friday, most stores have organized many early sales in hopes to  prevent large masses of people gathering in stores.

Black Friday: nothing to fear

Kyler Allred, Staff Reporter November 19, 2020

When a content, full smile spreads across faces on Thanksgiving, people know that it is time to go shopping. After a long day well spent stuffing oneself full of food, the warm feeling of satisfaction...

An irritated customer rips up Black Friday spam mail. Many shoppers will be staying home this year because of COVID-19.

Black Friday: COVID-19 breeding ground

Tyler Blandin, Staff Reporter November 19, 2020

With COVID-19 on the rise in Arizona, Black Friday could bring another shutdown in its wake. People pack into stores for those sweet, sweet savings, and social distancing goes out the window when consumers...

Ditch Thanksgiving and celebrate Black Friday

Isabel Behrendt, Opinions Editor November 12, 2019

Disregarding political preferences, strong opinions, and your expressive brother-in-law who believes in questionable conspiracy theories, Thanksgiving used to be the reason everyone put aside their differences,...

Graphic showing the top online retailers on Black Friday

Holiday Season Brings jobs

Ernesto Chacon , Staff Reporter November 30, 2015

It is holiday season; people spend time with their family, enjoy many seasonal foods, and stores stay open later to offer many deals on products. According to a New York Times article, last year consumers...

Holiday shopping made easy due to Black Friday

Jordan Williams, Photo Editor November 17, 2014

Thanksgiving Dinner is over. After eating loads of turkey with family and friends, the rest of Thanksgiving seems boring. So, what is there to do after all that food with the Holiday season around the...

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