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Inexperience affecting Puma golfers play

Carter Richey, Staff Reporter

September 26, 2019

After what Coach Nold believes was a disappointing start for his men's golf teams season, he firmly trusts that his team just hasn't played their best golf yet. He sees that "We need more consistency from top to bottom," and understands there will be a few bumps in the road because of the lack of high...

New academic decathlon team makes history

New academic decathlon team makes history

Dayton Jones, Sports editor

September 26, 2019

The new academic decathlon team, it's going to be there first year here at perry, and there are many hopefuls that great things will be coming from the team.  The club itself was formed by Cole Wilde and a few other friends with the intent of making it a fun time for all.  “Me and my friends ...

PHS takes proactive step towards mental health

Isabel Behrendt, Opinions Editor

August 30, 2019

Living with depression, anxiety, self-harm impulses, personality disorders, and other disorders are a part of our daily reality. As time goes on, it almost seems as if these issues become increasingly common amongst youth, more specifically high school students nationwide.  Recently, as the world evolves to fit to the...


Joielline Tchilao, Staff Reporter

February 4, 2019

Photography Invitational Art Show Recently, the Fall Blick Fine Art Photography Art Show was hosted by company Blick Art Materials, and several of our students were able to participate and show off their creative talents. In total, more than 20 of our students were able to be apart of this competition...

6A State Championship keys to the game

Grant Sands, Staff Reporter

November 28, 2018

Pumas: The Pumas will try to avenge last years 49-42 defeat in the state championship game as they take on the Chandler Wolves Saturday at Arizona State University. In order to raise a banner in the gym, the Pumas will have to stop the ground game of the Wolves. Decarlos Brooks, the Wolves se...

Maggie Feng fall fashion tips

Joielline Tchilao, Staff Reporter

November 16, 2018

Fall is known for its bright and warm colors like orange, yellow, and red, and overpriced pumpkin spice lattes.With the new season, what better way to immerse yourself in the autumn weather than getting new clothes to fit the new season? Looking around our campus, there are many different styles and p...

“Society’s new cigarette” has skyrocketed in popularity on campuses across America

“Society’s new cigarette” has skyrocketed in popularity on campuses across America

Anna Myers, Staff reporter

November 15, 2018

“It’s society’s new cigarette”- Principal Dan Serrano The stereotype of your average high school stoner has disappeared with the introduction of vapes on campus. For decades the renegade student who wore a Nirvana t-shirt and talked back to the teachers was stereotyped as the “burnout” ...

Pumas strive for victory over Huskies

Grant Sands, Staff Reporter

September 28, 2018

  The Puma girls volleyball team will take on conference rival Hamilton Huskies tonight in a key matchup here at Perry. The girls roll into the game today coming off back to back games against divisional opponents. The first of which came against Val Vista rival Basha High School on Tuesday ni...

Including special needs students has evolved

Kenna Cassey, Staff Reporter

September 28, 2018

Kids with disabilities such as autism and Down syndrome are often outcasted in schools and in society. In some schools, students with disabilities are pushed to the furthest corners of the campus, but not at PHS. Since it opened in 2007, PHS has made a concerted effort to include its special needs ...

What You Need to Know About Last Year’s Graduating Class

Isabel Behrendt, Staff Reporter

September 21, 2018

Last year was a time of innovation, achievement, and change across campus. Despite all of these changes and growth that happened, one thing remains constant: the extremely successful graduating classes. The graduating class of 2018 was no exception. Last year’s graduating class was seemingl...

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