The Precedent

Freshmen Alexis Hoiby and Ashtyn Moon prepare for a socratic seminar after finishing the novel “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel in Mrs. Barth’s Honors English class. Adapting to new ways of learning and
collaborating with other students is an important part of becoming successful in high school.

Q1 from freshmen’s eyes

Hannah Toth, Staff Reporter December 7, 2023

The beginning of high school and its vastly different environment can bring upon unfamiliar stress to new students. The energy that teachers and students alike bring to school every day completely affects...

Freshman Olivia Warmouth is going on a European cruise over summer break. She has been excitedly waiting for summer break.

Summer break brings fun vacations

Talya Gabay, Staff Reporter May 13, 2022

As temperatures are rising and finals are nearing, students are excitedly waiting for the long awaited summer break. Most students are eager at the thought of no school work and no expectations, in addition...

Alumni bringing inspiration

Talya Gabay, Staff Reporter May 13, 2022

In the spirit of seniors graduating, one is promised to look upon our alumni as they decide on what adventure they will embark on. Whether it be what major they chose, if they decide to pursue sports,...

Technology Standards

Technology Standards

Jason Richey, Staff Reporter April 13, 2022

Jason Richey: Apple is always seen as the industry standard for technology. The new iPhone or iPad is always the must have for some people, trading in their old devices for the new one. What do you think...

School zones provide minimal protection for students

School zones provide minimal protection for students

Lauren Ludwig, Editor-In-Chief December 14, 2021

During elementary school, walking, biking, or scootering was a common way for students to get to school that was located within their neighborhood. Small neighborhood roads combined with mass amounts of...

Holiday season begins with #LightTheWorld

Holiday season begins with #LightTheWorld

Lauren Ludwig, Editor-In-Chief December 1, 2021

Light the World with Love is this year’s #LightTheWorld message.  The #LightTheWorld campaign is a worldwide invitation from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to transform the Christmas...

Junior Dipti Patel is repaying the community in a plethora of ways. She has become part of Teen Lifeline where she offers help to teens in need.

Mental health matters; giving back to teens

Talya Gabay, Staff Reporter December 1, 2021

When volunteering, it is important to volunteer for things you love. For some, it can be working at a food drive or helping out at an animal shelter. For junior Dipti Patel, she enjoys helping teens share...

Junior black belt Minami Pituvong practices her skills at training. She is working with kids to help teach them Taekwondo as well.

Unseen skills: black belts on campus

Talya Gabay, Staff Reporter November 15, 2021

Martial arts is a sport that requires one to encounter both physical and mental endurance. Karate, Judo, and Jiu Jitsu are all common forms of martial arts. Learning martial arts helps develop important...

Freshman Caelyn Feldman compares her eighth grade ID to her new ninth grade ID. Due to COVID-19, students have to fulfill the gap from online learning.

Freshmen fighting to meet high school standards

Talya Gabay, Staff Reporter November 1, 2021

As students graduate middle school and enter high school, they face many challenges. These challenges can be expected for every freshman class. However the class of 2025  has a new challenge to overcome. When...

Students, while on campus and at student events, are required to follow Dress Code. Dress codes have been known to put stricter requirements on females.

Dress code tailored to restricting females self-expression on campus

Lauren Ludwig, Editor-In-Chief September 20, 2021

Ever since preschool, school boards have dictated what students are allowed to wear.  In grade school, this wasn’t as big of an issue, as parents mainly took over the shopping and choosing outfits...

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