The Precedent

Cello players Anvita Limaye and Sienna Weikel perform as members of the Symphonic Orchestra. The orchestra performed a variety of pieces, led by their director Dr. Dopp.

Orchestra debut concert; return to normalcy

Sophie Barkett, Reviews/ Opinions editor October 3, 2021

The Orchestra's fall concert is titled, “Concert Debut”, and features Perry’s concert, symphonic, and chamber orchestra. There was no specific theme to the performances, however the overall nature...

New opportunities for artistic students

Sophie Barkett and Callie Floyd September 24, 2021

The Fine Arts department is undergoing new adaptations. Firstly, the art department is hosting a competition to design a t-shirt that can be worn to bring spirit and awareness to the art department. “Just...

Located on the corner of Higley and Ray, Air Guitar is definitely worth a stop by.

Luxury convenience store opens in first phase of Epicenter project

Lindsey Harrison, Double Truck Editor September 20, 2021

The newly opened Air Guitar is the most convenient and exciting convenience store in the area. Built on the corner of Higley and Ray, it’s the first of many stores and restaurants a part of Agritopia’s...

Marvel super hero, Shang-Chi, came to the discovery of his new powers. Explore the wonders and mysteries that he faces in theatres today.

New magic, powers explored within Marvel legend

Derek Fernandez, A&E Editor September 20, 2021

Marvel recently released “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”, an action and adventure film, which introduces fans and watchers to a very powerful, strong new hero to the Marvel universe. This...

American Horror Story Double Feature; lackluster return to television

Sophie Barkett, Reviews/ Opinions editor September 20, 2021

After a short hiatus, the well-known anthology series, American Horror Story is back on air. In the show's tenth season, monsters and aliens are being combined to create the first-ever “Double Feature”...

A Breath Too late is a powerful, emotional novel that grapples with teenager sucide and its effects. This tear-jerker novel can greatly impact readers.

Storytime with Sophie: A Breath Too Late

Sophie Barkett, Reviews/ Opinions editor September 20, 2021

In correspondence with Suicide Awareness week, the novel, A Breath Too Late by Rocky Callen is a powerful reminder about the effects of suicide. The novel follows the story of teenage girl Ellie Walker,...

In Paw Patrol: The Movie, the pups travel outside Adventure Bay at the request of a local dog, Liberty. They work as a team to throw newly elected Mayor Humdinger out of office.

Paw Patrol: The movie is on a roll

Saydria Ostler and Meghan McGowan August 27, 2021

Paw Patrol: The Movie is based off of the popular cartoon show Paw Patrol; this popular kids show can be found on Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon, as well as on the Philo streaming service, and the movie can...

This film addresses topics like alcoholism, toxic relationships, and the consequences of fame. It came out on August 13, 2021 and can still be seen in theaters.

“Respect” reveals story of how Aretha Franklin came to be

Vanessa Coracides, Staff Reporter August 27, 2021

The “Queen of Soul” or as the world knows her, Aretha Franklin is given the chance to share her story through Liesl Tommy’s movie, Respect. Franklin’s rise to fame and stardom is portrayed by well-known...

The Dead and the Dark is a YA novel, any thriller enthusiast would enjoy. The novel is by Courtney Gould and can be found on Amazon.

Storytime with Sophie: The Dead and the Dark

Sophie Barkett, Reviews/ Opinions editor August 27, 2021

The Dead and the Dark is a complex, well-developed novel by Courtney Gould, that leaves readers unable to put it down. Released on August 3rd, this novel is a romantic YA thriller that may be enjoyed by...

Jacob Nieves (12) and Maddie Woods (11) practice with the trumpet section in preparation for their field show. The Puma Regiment performs a eight minute show, where students have to play their instruments and walk simultaneously.

Puma Regiment marches into a new season

Sophie Barkett, Reviews/ Opinions editor August 27, 2021

At every football game and assembly, marching band and Colorguard students can be found bringing pep and enthusiasm to the student body. These students work eagerly together in the Puma Regiment, the official...

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