The Precedent

Dress code is not unequal because of the school rather a communitys morals. Pattersons restrictions on dress code creates a professional environment.

Dress code “inequality” creates unnecessary conflict

Presley Plant, Managing Editor September 20, 2021

Perry is a professional high school, meaning that the rules are enforced with reason, that has won several awards for their teaching environment. Students wake up early to learn and receive a proper education...

Students, while on campus and at student events, are required to follow Dress Code. Dress codes have been known to put stricter requirements on females.

Dress code tailored to restricting females self-expression on campus

Lauren Ludwig, Editor-In-Chief September 20, 2021

Ever since preschool, school boards have dictated what students are allowed to wear.  In grade school, this wasn’t as big of an issue, as parents mainly took over the shopping and choosing outfits...

Opinion: COVID-19 regulations are safer for all students

Opinion: COVID-19 regulations are safer for all students

Madeleine Nseir, Staff Reporter August 30, 2021

As schools navigate between finding a new normal or shifting back to pre-covid procedures, the question still stands: is it time to go back to normal? Student activities, including sports, performances,...

Opinion: COVID-19 regulations should continue to be relaxed

Opinion: COVID-19 regulations should continue to be relaxed

Tyler Blandin, Website Director August 27, 2021

Opinion: COVID-19 regulations should continue to be relaxed Students need a return to normalcy. Prom. Homecoming. Assemblies. To deny students these events is to rob them of their high school experience....

Productivity enhanced by with traditional schedule

Productivity enhanced by with traditional schedule

Meghan McGowan, Staff Reporter August 6, 2021

The start of the 2021-2022  school year brings back many routines that have not been practiced since before COVID, including  traditional school days. It has been over a year since students and teachers...

55 minutes to 2 hours, longer classes create better environment

Lauren Ludwig , Editor-In-Chief August 6, 2021

Returning to school for the start of the 2021-2022 school year has been hectic. For now, masks are not required on campus, lunch is still free, and the normal schedule has returned full force.  Sophomores...

Lily Houghton, Frank Wolff, and McGregor Houghton on Franks boat, La Quila, in the movie Jungle Cruise. They faced many difficulties while trying to find the Tears of the Moon.

Jungle Cruise ride more enjoyable than movie

Saydria Ostler and Meghan McGowan August 6, 2021

Disney’s newest release, Jungle Cruise, followed the story of Dr. Lily Houghton (Emily Blunt) and her brother McGregor Houghton (Jack Whitehall) as they traveled to the Amazon to uncover the legend behind...

Freshman waiting to take their AP World History exam. For many, this is the first AP test they will ever take.

STEM students should not be required to take AP tests

Lindsey Harrison, A&E Editor May 14, 2021

It’s eight AM, students have been excused from their classes, and they’re all crowded in the gym hallway. There’s an excitement in the air, but they’re not happy. They’re about to take an Advance...

Students should be exempt from mandatory finals

Gavin Brennan, Opinions Editor May 14, 2021

Ending any school year with the test that has a chance to break your grade is very stressful for all students. Especially when this grade is worth 20% of everything you have done in the entire semester....

Finals must be mandatory state-wide

Saydria Ostler, Staff reporter May 14, 2021

With so much change and uncertainty this year, many have wondered if finals are even a viable option for students in Arizona. With no precedent, many schools have opted out of having their students take...

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