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Snow falling in cactus filled desert thats decorated with holiday themed decor ranging from hats to multi-colored gifts.

Counterpoint: Farther is better this winter

Anthony Puentes, Staff Reporter December 16, 2022

Winter break is a staple of life and a clean break between semesters for many students. There is a new holiday schedule as well as different educational standards with the increased learning time. Winter...

This years Spotify Wrapped release was more elaborate than ever, with a wide variety of new features and eye-catching graphics. Although the tradition is highly anticipated, some have been disappointed by their results and believe that Spotify Wrapped does not accurately depict the music they have listened to in the past year.

Spotify Wrapped plus “Sneaky Snake”

Julia Carvalho, Staff Reporter December 16, 2022

Come the end of November, one can expect their favorite social media platforms to explode with screenshots of friends, family, and celebrities’ Spotify Wrapped. Although the Wrapped’s release is eagerly...

Elf is one of the most popular Christmas movies but has kinda become overrated the past few years. Most Christmas movies in general have become more overrated each year with them being overplayed and most movies having the same plot.

Do we really need to watch “Elf”again?

Meghan McGowan, Sports Editor December 16, 2022

Every year people wait until mid-November until it becomes socially acceptable to start celebrating the Christmas season. Part of that Christmas joy is decorating the house, baking cookies, singing your...

Sophomores Miranda Ferrer and Sammie Kaufman-Warner argue over whether they should be able to wear white after Labor Day. The fashion dont date back to the 19th century, but as fashion has evolved, most people no longer follow this rule.

Hot take: Who actually wears white after Labor Day

Meghan McGowan, Sports Editor September 11, 2022

In fashion, it is considered against fashion standards to wear white after Labor Day, but why is that even a rule? The phrase was created in the 19th century mainly to distinguish classes. As the rich...

Locked doors are counterproductive

Jackson Bergholz, Reviews Editor September 9, 2022

Locking the doors during class hours, the new policy that has been implemented in CUSD and other school districts around the US. What exactly does this do, how does this help the safety of the students,...

HomeGoods employee organizes seasonal section. The retail store has a wide selection of fall decor.

Hot Take: Fall starts too soon

Lexi Amaro, News Editor September 9, 2022

Despite the official first day of fall being Sept. 22, retail stores across the country have had their fall decorations out for purchase starting as early as June. By the end of September, stores will...

Is Marvel Still Worth It?

Is Marvel Still Worth It?

Samuel Ford, Staffer September 9, 2022

 When people hear Marvel they usually think of great superheroes, incredible plots, and great movies. After many years of adventures does marvel still have that same creativity they had?  Marvel was...

Junior Aleera Urrutia watching the girl volleyball team play on Aug. 25. Volleyball players decided on the theme (frat) and recruited people to come to their game to help with the energy in the gym.

Social life can be more than football games 

Meghan McGowan, Sports Editor August 26, 2022

When people think of a typical American high school experience, their mind usually goes to a football game. Lots of people in the stands, yelling, the band playing, the food, and obviously the football...

One-to-one thoughts

One-to-one thoughts

Sophie Barkett, A&E Editor August 26, 2022

The one-to-one initiative has been implemented, and students' daily lives are showing the change. Every student who chooses to has received a school-issued chromebook. These chromebooks have a variety...

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