The Precedent

Standardized tests online

Emily Buttyan, Managing/Opinions Editor December 7, 2023

Classics then, classics now: students define classic films

Emily Buttyan, Managing/Opinions Editor December 7, 2023

Classic movies are defined as a film that will leave a lasting impression for years to come. However as the new age of technology and diversity have grown, the definition of a classic has changed as generations...

Point vs. Counterpoint: Best Usage of Conference Period

Taylor Relvas, A/E Editor December 7, 2023

The 30-minute conference period has long existed, implemented with the purpose of allotting time for students to get a jump on their homework, and allowing clubs to have meetings during school hours. However,...

College visits during class hours raise concerns among students

College visits during class hours raise concerns among students

Taylor Relvas, A/E Editor December 7, 2023

As the college application season continues, as usual, representatives from various institutions, eager to introduce their campuses and programs to prospective students, are welcomed to campus. However,...

Counterpoint vs. Point: Is conference utilized efficiently or are students wasting time?

Wyatt Lehti, Sports and Photos Editor December 7, 2023

There is no question that numerous students tend to procrastinate their school work, and sometimes this work does not get completed until the bell, or does not get completed at all.  Students utilize...

Celebrity Deaths Overshadow Real World Conflicts

Ellie Gotschall, Staff Reporter December 7, 2023

Celebrity deaths tend to attract more attention than current, more serious news. World news is harder to swallow than a passing of a famous celebrity, as there is a sense of falsehood that follows that.  With...

Hot Take: Sponsors are hard to come by

Kiyoung Haavisto, News Editor September 26, 2023

When students intend to start a club, it is necessary that they find a club sponsor. Club sponsors are, in other words, teachers or staff on campus that supervise the club and its activities. The number...

Students in DECA brainstorm ideas for the carnival and what they want to see the club involved in. Many clubs have meetings like these to determine how they will be involved in school events.

Hot Take: Planning for the homecoming carnival is worth it

Taylor Relvas, Reviews, A/E, and Web Editor August 25, 2023

Planning for the homecoming carnival has already begun, even with the event not happening until September 19. Covering the entirety of the main campus courtyard, the event itself takes up most of the outdoor...

Students have to make a choice between jobs as employees or entrepreneurs. Both come with many benefits, and three seniors have taken advantage of the benefits of being entrepreneurs.

Creative cash

Koen Martineau, Double Truck Editor August 25, 2023

Three seniors have started their own businesses to generate money for themselves and for their future. Money is a vital asset for students, especially those more involved in extracurriculars. With sports,...

Anna Collins is speaking to the parents of her students at Open House, Aug. 3. Collins explains the curriculum expected of the seniors in her class as well as the policies that she implements within her classroom.

C112 left empty, now occupied

Emily Buttyan, Managing/Opinions Editor August 7, 2023

Anna Collins is a new addition to the English department this 2023-24 school year. Collins is teaching on-level freshmen and seniors, which provides a gap for her when it comes to teaching styles. With...

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