Summer Job Opportunities


Junior Eden Smith is walking her neighbors dog. In the summertime Eden walks dogs to make extra money.

As summer time begins to roll around, students are often looking for ways to earn money since they gain more free time from the absence of school. It is pretty easy to make money, but sometimes it requires creativity. 

Obviously, one of the easiest ways to make money is to get a job. There are always positions available at restaurants and stores. However, there are many other ways to earn money that do not require a commitment to a job. 

As vintage wear makes its way back into fashion trends, teenagers are often looking for new pieces to wear. However, the process of getting out of bed to thrift these clothes holds back the teens from doing this. This opens an opportunity to spend some free time thrifting clothes and then reselling those pieces that are found.There are many platforms where these products can be sold. Such as Depop, instagram and ETSY. Since social media has a huge influence on teens this is an easy way to make money fast. 

Sometimes a job does not have to be far. There are several opportunities that can be close by. Neighbors often need yard work done or their dogs walked. Since social media has a huge influence on society, the majority of neighborhoods have a conjoined facebook account. One post offering service can reach the entire community. 

During the summer time, working parents are always looking for babysitters. This opens a big demand for this role. Not only are there big opportunities, most parents pay well. This can be a fun and easy job to pick up. 

If one is interested in sports, there is often a summer league for younger kids that need coaches. This is a good way to make money while still doing something that one enjoys. While some of these coaching spots offer money, there are some that are non-profit organizations which can be used as service hours. 

Along with gaining service hours, there are several organizations open over the summer. They consist of feed my starving children, boys and girls club and several others. These hours can be put towards college applications and NHS. 

In the summer there are several fun ways to make money and occupy one’s free time.