The Precedent

BOOS & HOORAYS: cancelled prom, graduation, and reflections

May 14, 2021

As per tradition, the staff of the Precedent reflected on the 2020-2021 school year to create a list of the top memories and lowest moments both on campus and within the community. To conclude this May...

Editor in Chief, Nadine Loureiro and Managing Editor, Anna Myers reflect on their four years at Perry High School. They reminisce on bat infestations, protests, and the pandemic.

After four years filled with memories, graduation is finally here

Nadine Loureiro and Anna Myers May 14, 2021

In thirteen days we will walk onto campus one last time. Caps in hand, gowns draped over arms, walking through those iron front gates one more time, trying not to let the heavy doors slam behind us. We...

The end of the year academic awards' system has changed; now being centered around a student's GPA.

New academic award systems allow more students to be recognized

Logan Cogley, Staff Reporter April 23, 2021

It has been a little over a year since big events like prom and graduation were canceled. However, some of these events are making a comeback, one of which being the end-of-year academic awards. In...

Moveo Dance Company rehearses for the upcoming assembly as well as their end of the year concert. They practiced new choreography and worked on their flexibility.

Moveo, dance department adjust for many unanticipated challenges

Derek Fernandez, Staff Reporter April 23, 2021

Moveo Dance Company along with the rest of the dance department has hit one of their highest peaks in the school year. With try outs and their annual end of the year dance concert around the corner, these...

Private proms outshine school hosted ones

Kyler Allred, Staff Reporter April 22, 2021

Privately hosted proms are exponentially better than those hosted by the school. They are considerably safe due to many precautions taken. With Arizona’s COVID-19 cases on the decline, a question...

Unofficial proms are a hazard for students

Tyler Blandin, Staff Reporter April 22, 2021

With the official school prom canceled students have been looking at unofficial alternatives. These proms will be a danger to students and could result in a spike of student cases at local schools. At...

Spring 2021; Calling for unique self-expression

Logan Cogley, Staff Reporter March 31, 2021

The spring fashion season for 2021 has arrived and many familiar and new trends are coming during the next few months.  Of course, the familiar floral and nature-esque patterns are coming back into...

Lifted state mask mandate, vaccine lead to new change

Lifted state mask mandate, vaccine lead to new change

Madeleine Nseir, Staff Reporter March 31, 2021

With the mask mandate for Arizona being lifted by Governor Doug Ducey, Arizonans and students alike are split on the decision whether or not to continue wearing masks. While some businesses are still independently...

The question of whether or not schools should make in needed to be COVID-19 vaccinated to attend

COVID vaccine should not be mandatory requirement in public schools

Braden Toth, Staff Writer February 26, 2021

The COVID-19 vaccine has been distributed for about three months and has had its fair share of controversy, but many issues are occurring whether or not teenagers and children should receive the vaccine...

Students were asked if they would take the vaccine if they could. Many students had thought and opinions and shared them.

Man on the street: Would you take the vaccine if it were open to you?

Presley Plant, Staff Reporter February 26, 2021

COVID is a pressing and a current issue, due to the escalating deaths, multiple vaccines are being distributed: The Pfizer and Moderna vaccine are the only two that are allowed for teenagers over sixteen....

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