The Precedent

Labor-shortages, CDC-changes, five-day-quarantine, oh my!

Labor-shortages, CDC-changes, five-day-quarantine, oh my!

Saydria Ostler, News Editor January 14, 2022

In May 2020, the demand for workers dropped significantly. Because of the drop in available jobs, the number of people unwilling to work went unnoticed. That is until the last eight months, when the demand...

The omicron variant is the latest opponent in the battle against the coronavirus. Countries across the globe have had mixed responses as they deal with the unknown variables that come with the new variant.

Introducing ‘fifth wave’ in fight against coronavirus

Saydria Ostler, News Editor December 3, 2021

Ever the opportunist, the coronavirus comes back swinging with a new variant: the omicron. The emergence of the omicron variant is in line with many predictions from scientists warning about low vaccination...

The broken heart candy represents the shattered Valentines Day image this year.

Pandemic ends Valentine’s Day

Gavin Brennan, Opinions Editor February 11, 2021

Being the first Valentine’s Day in this pandemic, there is a multitude of factors that are going to be different from last year.  Valentine’s Day is usually spent with a significant other or a...

On The Perry Precedents twitter, a poll was taken. This poll determined which area masks would stay the longest in.

The long-term implications of masks and quarantine

Makayla Premo, Staff Reporter January 30, 2021

COVID-19 has changed many activities this year, all of our lives have changed. Masks have become mandatory in everything we do, school has been both online and in-person, work for others has been based...

The staff of Newspaper 2020-2021 gather together for a staff group photo.

Staff editorial 2020

Alexander Connors, Web Editor December 16, 2020

You have probably heard it about a thousand times now, 2020 has been a crazy year if not the worst in a while. The year started with conflicts that have always been around to ending the year in a global...

Freshman Isaiah Villegas performs a musical theatre number with Juniors Aubrey Feuerstein and Ella Szymanski.

The COVID Show

Derek Fernandez, Staff Reporter November 20, 2020

With the upcoming dance concert approaching, the dance department has to keep in mind the COVID-19 virus and the risks it may have. Dance has always been a sport with close contact and intermingling choreography...

With Black Friday right around the corner, many stores are holding month-long sales and deals to celebrate the event during COVID-19.

Black Friday fall fashion deals

Logan Cogley, Staff Reporter November 20, 2020

It is the fall season now, and Black Friday is right around the corner. Since the coronavirus is still prevalent in the United States, many stores have begun to have sales all month-long, online and in-store,...

Several desks are left empty in room F104 as Junior Bridget Hale has to quarantine after coming in contact with someone that has contracted COVID-19.  When Hale returned, she described what it was like coming back to in-person school after a two week quarantine.

Quarantine comeback: transition for students after returning from isolation

Nate Andrew, Staff Reporter November 20, 2020

The pandemic is forcing individuals to take precautions and changing student’s lives in several ways. Quarantining is becoming more frequent in Arizona as coronavirus cases continue to rise. In addition...

An irritated customer rips up Black Friday spam mail. Many shoppers will be staying home this year because of COVID-19.

Black Friday: COVID-19 breeding ground

Tyler Blandin, Staff Reporter November 19, 2020

With COVID-19 on the rise in Arizona, Black Friday could bring another shutdown in its wake. People pack into stores for those sweet, sweet savings, and social distancing goes out the window when consumers...

New benchmarks: schools continue to proceed with caution

New benchmarks: schools continue to proceed with caution

Ashlyn Miner, News Editor November 19, 2020

  Since the school closed for quarantine in March, most students anticipated the reopening. As neighboring schools began to reopen, PHS students eagerly waited their turn. Now, being almost a month...

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