The Precedent

Classics then, classics now: students define classic films

Emily Buttyan, Managing/Opinions Editor December 7, 2023

Classic movies are defined as a film that will leave a lasting impression for years to come. However as the new age of technology and diversity have grown, the definition of a classic has changed as generations...

Senior Eli Mesa completes a bicep curl during one of his weekly workouts. Mesa regularly works out to prepare for track season in March

Athletes over break

Wyatt Lehti and Taylor Relvas December 7, 2023

While many students view breaks as a chance to recharge, student-athletes often find themselves navigating a schedule that doesn't always align with the concept of relaxation. Unlike their peers, student-athletes...

Some students come back from breaks feeling rested, while others feel like they had no break at all. After talking to students, teachers, athletes, and professionals, weve found that everybodys definition of rest is a little different.

Block days, restful or stressful?

Koen Martineau, Double Truck Editor December 7, 2023

Block days allow students a respite from the constant forward push of their everyday school schedule. Despite having half of the classes for twice as long, students have found ways to optimize this extra...

Members of the community gather outside of Wangs Closet in Tempe for the bi-monthly Sunny Day Market at the store. Vendors range from adult members of the community, to college and high school students.

Gen-Z embraces circular fashion movement through Depop

Taylor Relvas, A/E Editor December 7, 2023

In a growing shift towards sustainable fashion, high schoolers across the nation are increasingly turning to circular fashion and thrifting as their go-to style choice. The trend has gained momentum with...

Student doing homework outside of the school in order to catch up with her assignments.

Normal frightens rather than comforts

Presley Plant, Managing Editor August 14, 2022

Hearing that the school year of 2022-2023 is “the reset year” after all of the many unpredictable events that erupted during the seniors' high school experience (coronavirus, online schooling, teacher...

Senior Joyce Gunaraj works on AP Stat homework, amongst the other obligations of a senior. Many students may feel overwhelmed going back to school, and can use the Wellness Room as a resource.

Back-to-school stress: how to cope

Sophie Barkett, A&E Editor August 12, 2022

The end of summer and simultaneous welcome back to school can be an overwhelming, and often stressful time for students. Whether freshmen, who have never experienced the vigor of high school, or returning...

Senior Oanh Le lunges towards the birdie ready to send it back to her opponent. Badminton won the past five years so there is added stress for seniors this year hoping to earn another state title.

Final season stress

Reagan Reynolds, Opinions Editor and Social Media Editor August 12, 2022

The desired “senior season” creeps up on athletes as they go through their high school years. Since there is a stigma around being a senior there are several pressures that come with it.  As a senior...

Dear 2026, Sincerely 2023

Saydria Ostler, Editor-in-Chief August 12, 2022

Dear class of 2026, Hello! This is your older (senior) sibling writing to give you some tips and tricks on how to survive high school in one shape. Because hey-we will be the first ones to tell you...

Junior Eden Smith is walking her neighbors dog. In the summertime Eden walks dogs to make extra money.

Summer Job Opportunities

Reagan Reynolds, Staffer May 22, 2022

As summer time begins to roll around, students are often looking for ways to earn money since they gain more free time from the absence of school. It is pretty easy to make money, but sometimes it requires...

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