The student voice of Perry High School

The Precedent


Parking Lot Underway

Hayley Crosby, Staff Reporter

With construction going strong with the new student parking lot, there is with high hopes that it will solve student parking woes next year. This school year was full of is...

May 25, 2017No Comments


Senioritis takes final toll in the last weeks of school

Senioritis takes final toll in the last weeks of school

Kendall MacGregor, Staff Reporter

Every spring season the same illness spreads throughout the graduating class like rapid fire. The symptoms of this illness can be caught early on around the fall, however th...

May 26, 2017No Comments

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Double Truck

Victim blaming around sexual assault must stop

Sam Nabaty, Online Editor

Public education is meant to give students an all-encompassing education and prepare them for the rest of their lives but what will they have missed? What topic do we lack...

May 24, 2017No Comments

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Theatre seniors experience last curtain call

Theatre seniors experience last curtain call

Madi Kimball, Staff Reporter

Rhea Johnston From a young age, Rhea Johnston has always been drawn to perform on the stage. She was first introduced to theatre at the age of three and has been doing ...

May 25, 2017No Comments

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Tight-knit group drives 25-win season

Lauren Fountain, Staff Reporter

In what was their most successful season in school history, the softball team made its first final four appearance with no shortage of memorable moments along the way. T...

May 23, 2017No Comments

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Kade Whatcott, Staff Reporter

Vaping has become the new trend in teenage culture. These stories clear the "cloudiness" surrounding the topic. This investigative report dives into the world of vape.

May 24, 2017No Comments

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The student voice of Perry High School
The student voice of Perry High School