Top 5 Halloween costumes of 2020


Logan Cogley

Highschool student, Ryan Cogley, looks for popular Halloween costumes, at a Spirit Halloween Store.

The presence of Coronavirus has already affected much of this year, and Spooky Season is no exception. Despite this, people are continuing to celebrate Halloween, by dressing up in exciting, spooky costumes. So with this in mind, here are the top five Halloween costumes of 2020:

5: Bratz Dolls

With the recent resurgence of past clothing trends, many people have begun to adopt many vintage styles of clothes into their wardrobe. This goes hand in hand with the Bratz Do

lls fashion trend. The heavily inspired style of clothing creates a unique and bold look that throws the dresser back to the 2000s and early 2010s. And with the help of TikTok, dressing up as a Bratz Doll became a big trend, making it a great costume idea for 2020.

4: The Cat

One of the most iconic Halloween costumes is the cat. Usually dressed in black with some form of cat ears, the dresser creates the “Cat” look. The costume is incredibly popular for all ages, and it can be modified to fit whatever the wearer has in mind. The costume is a staple of Halloween and is seen in countless movies, shows, and novels. Because of this, the timeless look is another amazing costume for this Halloween.

3: A Devil

Another staple of Halloween is the devil! The costume typically consists of the dresser wearing red and sometimes black, along with devil horns. Like the cat costume, the devil can be modified to fit whatever image the wearer has in mind, as well as can be paired up with an angel costume. This iconic duo is a great costume for friends and couples, alike. Therefore, this ey

e-catching costume is great for showing your wild side and is an exciting look for this Halloween.

2: “Harry Potter” Characters

Since the first novel’s release in 1997, fans of “Harry Potter” have indulged themselves in the fictional world. And with the release of  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in 2001, the famous title broadened its fan base to thousands of more people from all over the world. 

Then, when new sub-categories on TikTok called “Draco Tiktok” and “Shifting Tik Tok” delved into the world of “Harry Potter”, early this year, the titles blew up again, making the novels and movies ever more popular. So after years of reaching so many new fans, the characters in the novels have become fun costume ideas to dress up as and the title has established itself to be a very popular Hallow-

Students took a poll to see which costumes would be most popular this year.

een costume.

1: Among Us Characters

And with a surprising turn of events, the most popular Halloween costume of 2020 is dressing up as Among Us characters. This costume is derived from the video game Among Us. The game was first released in mid-June of  2018 but picked up major traction during the quarantine. One of the main reasons for the game being so popular is because it could be played over the internet, and was safe for friends to interact and have fun together during the quarantine. The game was first showcased on TikTok and soon spread, being seen on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. 

The character design in the game is very minimalistic, however. The characters are essentially little bean-shaped astronauts that come in an assortment of vibrant colors. Making the costume idea very easy to follow and allowing most people to pull it off. 

So due to the game’s recent popularity and simplistic gameplay and character design, the game’s characters became one of the most popular choices of costumes for Halloween 2020.