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It’s Valentine's Day: Here are some COVID safe date ideas

It’s Valentine’s Day: Here are some COVID safe date ideas

Sophia Hawkins, Staff reporter February 12, 2021

Overview  Valentine's Day is a holiday to show love to a significant other, friends, or yourself. Spending Valentines Day either with someone or not, the celebration should always be a special time...

During Valentine's Day there are a range of emotions that differentiate with each situation. With this in mind, Nadine put together a playlist of ten songs, five sad and five happy, for people to listen to on this holiday.

What to listen to on Valentine’s Day: ranging from happy to sad songs

Nadine Loureiro, Editor-in-Chief February 11, 2021

A significant day of the year is approaching where you either love it or you hate it: Valentine’s Day. With most holidays in the year, music correlates with them. Christmas has holiday music, Halloween...

Senior, Natalya Delsante often wears Harry Styles inspired outfits around campus.

Harry Styles’ fashion, and effect on campus

Logan Cogley, Staff Reporter January 29, 2021

Harry Styles is a very prominent name in today’s age. He is a famous pop singer, who has released many popular songs such as “Watermelon Sugar'' and “Golden”. He was also a part of an extremely...

The treasure of student cars

Madeleine Nseir, Staff Reporter December 16, 2020

Cars: a necessity to some, a treasure to others. Wandering around Perry’s very own student parking lot, there’s a discovery to be found of some of the coolest cars at Perry.  The 2016 V6 Ford Mustang...

A kindness rock resting

Sculpting the Kindness Rocks

Braden Toth, Staff Writer December 16, 2020

  Art has been one of the more affected classes by the pandemic and has readjusted back to a normal schedule like everyone else. Art has been like many of the CTE and the Fine Arts classes in how...

The Mandalorian's Helmet. Laying in wait for Mando to place back on.

The Mandalorian debuts, bringing along new animation

Braden Toth, Staff Writer November 19, 2020

Chapter 9 of The Mandolorian was released as of Oct. 30th, and it lives up to its first season. The story this time around is more of an adventure than the last season as we see Mando attempt to return...

Highschool student, Ryan Cogley, looks for popular Halloween costumes, at a Spirit Halloween Store.

Top 5 Halloween costumes of 2020

Logan Cogley, Staff Reporter October 30, 2020

The presence of Coronavirus has already affected much of this year, and Spooky Season is no exception. Despite this, people are continuing to celebrate Halloween, by dressing up in exciting, spooky costumes....

The killers cannot wait for the scares of this movie at the theatre . They await a good scare.

Top five Halloween movies to give you spine-chilling horror

Braden Toth, Staff Reporter October 29, 2020

Horror movies and the general month of October along with Halloween synergize well with each other. Some movies go well with the spooky season, there will be spoilers for these movies mention, you were...

Sleep patterns changing for teens

Sleep patterns changing for teens

Amira Johnson and Jalyn Knight, Staff Reporter April 20, 2020

It is no question that one of the most important activities in life is sleep. No matter what, sleep will always be a necessity for human life. Despite it being a necessity, most people rather enjoy a good...

The new documentary premiered at the Sundance Film Festival  Jan. 23

Taylor Swift shines in revealing new documentary

Lindsey Harrison, Staff Reporter February 7, 2020

On a Friday night in late January, I dragged my friends to a crowded theatre at Alamo Drafthouse. We were there for the premiere of “Taylor Swift: Miss Americana”. We were surrounded by other fans...

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