The Valentine’s Day aesthetic is above all the rest


Anna Myers

The Valentine’s Day aesthetic is full of many sweet treats, red-hue colors, and beautiful and sentimental gifts.

Valentine’s Day is a day full of romance and passion, and surrounding all of that is the encompassing “Valentine’s Day Aesthetic.” This aesthetic bubble is unique and remarkable as it is simple, yet sweet, as well as it expresses the holiday’s powerful emotions of love and fantasy. Therefore, the holiday’s atmosphere and aesthetic are arguably one of the best out there.

The Valentines Day aesthetic consists largely of three main factors: the colors, the decorations, and the gifts.

The Colors
Red is the main staple of Valentine’s Day, as the color is associated with emotions like romance, passion, and love. Red can be seen in the fashion and beauty of the day, as it is the main color many people wear, like in dresses and suits, as well as in makeup looks like the “Bold Red Lip”. The color is also extremely prominent in the decorations set up on the romantic holiday. Almost every piece of themed décor is red. That or the other two most prominent colors, pink and white.

Pink and white are secondary colors for the holiday, as they act as great compliments to the real star of the show, red. They also help represent romance and love on Valentine’s Day; however, the colors still have some of their own independence on the holiday. Pink is widely seen in fashion and beauty on Valentine’s Day, and so is white, but less so. The colors can make up many different pieces of clothing from shoes to dresses, and help add to the magic of the day. These colors are also very much present in the holiday decorations as well.

The Decorations
The décor on Valentine’s Day is largely centered on items and shapes that focus on the day’s powerful emotions. Thus, the leading signifier for the great holiday is the heart.

Hearts are seen everywhere on Valentine’s Day. They are on strings, on walls, on prints, on cards, on balloons, in themed candy… hearts are everywhere, and rightfully so! As stated before, Valentine’s Day is focused on love, and one of the best signifiers for love is a heart. So the holiday and the shape go hand-in-hand well as the heart is most popularly used to celebrate and signify the day. Then when matched up with the day’s color themes, it creates a plethora of different options for décor that fill the day with way more fun variety.

The Gifts
Small gift-giving is an integral part of Valentine’s Day. Whether those gifts are to someone’s partner, friend, or even their mom, gifts on the holiday are just an extra way to show appreciation of someone. However, over the years, there have been some gifts that have been staples of Valentine’s Day.

Flowers, especially roses, are very popular gifts on Valentine’s Day, as the sweet but simple gesture shows great admiration and love for another individual. Another popular gift given on the day is the teddy bear. Teddy bears are sweet wholesome gifts that come in a wide variety of forms, from regular teddy bears, giant gummy bears, and even glamorous teddy bear-shaped rose structures.

Besides flowers and teddy bears, Valentine’s Day often offers up many more sweet gifts. Candy is another focal point in the holiday’s aesthetic. Many candy brands, often partake in the holiday spirit of love, and change their candy’s packaging and designs, often changing the shapes into little hearts and the colors into red, pink, and white.

Boxes of chocolates are infamous for this as the elegant and glamorous packaging along with the sometimes mediocre but fun chocolates, add to the fun holiday. Chocolates are not the only candies that get into the spirit though. Every year, conversation hearts and shareable Valentine’s candy comes out and offers up fun-spirited Valentine’s treats that can be shared with everyone! Some schools use these types of candies to celebrate the holiday, as elementary students often give each of their peers a little packaged candy, adding to the overall spirit of the day.

The Valentine’s aesthetic is a large bubble, composed of many parts, such as the three themed color combo, the heart filled decorations, and the sweet and sentimental gifts. But with all these elements, they help make up the love and magic behind the special day. So because of that, the Valentine’s Day aesthetic is one of, if not the best, holiday atmosphere and aesthetic out there.