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Documentaries warning society of evil

Isabel Behrendt, Staff Reporter

March 7, 2019

Theodore Robert Bundy: the name behind the man that bewildered everyone nearly fifty years ago and stirs controversy when mentioned today. More commonly known as Ted Bundy, the infamous psychopath who confessed to murdering thirty women, reclaimed the spotlight after Netflix released a series centering aro...

Traditions not fit for our modern lives

Traditions not fit for our modern lives

Isabel Behrendt, Staff Reporter

November 15, 2018

Nothing beats the taste of a home cooked meal, but in a fast-paced world, is that just old-fashioned thinking? When people picture Thanksgiving, they likely think of the decadent dishes and the unforgettable time spent with all sorts of family members. However, what they often neglect to notice...

Final Exams are a Nuisance to Students, but a Necessity to Future Success

Michael McKinzie, Staff Reporter

January 19, 2018

Every Semester Students across the country prepare for their final exams in pursuit of a passing grade in their various classes. Teenagers despise the tests due to the stress and anxiety they cause, but they do not recognize the impact they can have on their future. Final Exams provide students an idea of poss...

Student Parking: Still A Problem

Megan Linden, Staff Reporter

December 18, 2017

With a school that holds over 3,500 students and more than half of them being able to drive, there is bound to be student parking problems. There was a new parking lot built at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, leaving only around 20 driving juniors to not get a spot. But even with the new...

Summer Assignments: What Gives?

Summer Assignments: What Gives?

Cameron Martin, Staff Reporter

May 23, 2017

With about one-third of students being in at least one honors or AP class, a lot of us are no stranger to summer assignments. One of the objectives of summer books and packets is to prepare students for the types of learning themes they will be tackling next year while reviewing last year’s content...

Staying in state offers comfort

Ellie Wendt, Staff Reporter

May 19, 2017

There's no place like home. What better time than college to apply this valuable life lesson? Today many students are faced with countless college opportunities. Ranging from those fortunate enough to gain scholarships that accelerate them to all parts of the country to those who wish to study abroad...

Our Take

Our Take

February 7, 2017

In America the Super Bowl is hailed as sports royalty. The anticipation and preparations, not to mention the decorations and the food, parallels that of a bank holiday. It is elaborate and excessive but the atmosphere on that Sunday is unrivaled. Despite the eager groundwork and excuse to throw a party, the S...

Price of feminine products unecessary

Price of feminine products unecessary

Kendall MacGregor

November 16, 2016

I fear for sake of the youth’s education after 19 year old Ryan Williams took to Twitter to post a series of tweets aimed on the topic of the price of feminine hygiene products. He argued against tampons becoming free and stated, “if u can’t control ur bladder then that’s not the taxpayer’s ...

Ghostbusters or Box-Office-busters?

Ghostbusters or Box-Office-busters?

Brittany Tomes, Staff Reporter

November 5, 2016

Are you ready to call back up the Ghostbusters? Thirty-two years after the first showing of 1984’s Ghostbusters comes a particularly new take on the franchise. Set in a quite contrasting 2016 New York, four women hit the underground subway, a packed concert, and crowded streets on the hunt for t...

Politics in the Classroom

October 26, 2016

Election season is reaching its climax, and with it emerges the slew of clashing political opinion- often among an apathetic majority. The mixture of differing views is usually approached with caution in the classroom, at the fear of imposing opinion as fact or unforeseen offense. But is voicing an...

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