The Precedent

Teachers opinions of students figuratively weigh the scale of the students grades.

Hot Take: do teachers grade based on how much they like students?

Emily Buttyan , Staff Reporter March 10, 2023

Students spend almost an entire year with their teachers, spending each and every day in their classrooms for at least an hour. That being said, sometimes students feel like teachers are out to get them...

Snow falling in cactus filled desert thats decorated with holiday themed decor ranging from hats to multi-colored gifts.

Counterpoint: Farther is better this winter

Anthony Puentes, Staff Reporter December 16, 2022

Winter break is a staple of life and a clean break between semesters for many students. There is a new holiday schedule as well as different educational standards with the increased learning time. Winter...

Paying for school lunch only makes cents

Saydria Ostler, Editor- In- Chief August 12, 2022

This year, students are now required to pay for lunch and breakfast. For the past two and a half years (ever since the coronavirus became rampant), the school has provided free lunch and breakfast to any...

Summer schedule should be extended for the benefit of the student body.

Summer break ends too quickly for proper development

Presley Plant, Managing Editor May 13, 2022

Ending eighth grade is monumental. It is “crossing the threshold” between childhood to adulthood, but the modified year round schedule has tarnished that necessary transition period along with many...

Service hours are first and foremost self-serving for students. A majority of students completed hours to only put them on applications.

Service hours benefit students more than the community

Saydria Ostler, News Editor December 1, 2021

Many clubs on campus are dedicated to helping students get the service hours they need for college applications and resumes. These hours are required to be in many honors societies or service organizations,...

Best burrito option for hectic mornings

Best burrito option for hectic mornings

Vanessa Coracides, Staff Reporter November 12, 2021

School starts early in the morning, and for many that means limited time to eat breakfast. Some just skip it altogether, but there is an easy solution to consuming the most important meal of the day; breakfast...

Driving: A constant lesson in self-management, patience

Driving: A constant lesson in self-management, patience

Lauren Ludwig , Editor-In-Chief November 1, 2021

Learning to walk is a part of life, learning to ride a bicycle is a part of life, therefore learning to drive a car is a part of life.  There is no escaping it, especially in Gilbert, Arizona, where...

Government and economics: not just a state standard

Government and economics: not just a state standard

Madeleine Nseir, Editor October 25, 2021

In a world that becomes increasingly more complicated each year, it is more than crucial for future generations to learn about what makes the world go around. It has been said that there are two topics...

Spring 2021; Calling for unique self-expression

Logan Cogley, Staff Reporter March 31, 2021

The spring fashion season for 2021 has arrived and many familiar and new trends are coming during the next few months.  Of course, the familiar floral and nature-esque patterns are coming back into...

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