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Valentines Day is not overrated

Holly Olszak, Staff Reporter

February 4, 2019

Valentine’s Day does not have to always be filled with teddy bears, red roses, and heart-shaped chocolates; it can simply be a day to show your loved ones how much you care about them. Valentine’s Day tends to receive a negative reputation from all the singles out there. Some may argue that it is ...

Valentine’s day is overrated

Valentine's day is overrated

Nadine Loureiro, staff reporter

February 1, 2019

Overpriced chocolate, cheesy social media posts, stuffed animals, and sickly sweet cards. What do these four elements make up? Singles awareness day, or as we all know it as, Valentine’s day. The season of overwhelming, excessive romantic gestures and annoying captions that are along the lines of, ...

Valentine’s Day for the newlyweds

Hannah Knight, Staff Reporter

February 14, 2018

Mr. and Mrs. Rygiel secured the spot as the “Brangelina” couple when Mr. Rygiel transferred to Perry’s campus this past 2017-2018 school year.  The couple of three years are keeping it low-key this season, after constant activity since their wedding last spring.  Their first Valentine's date together includ...

Taking love online

Taking love online

Aja Diffin, Staff Reporter

February 4, 2016

‘I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach, movie nights, midnight car rides, kissing in the rain, and finding my lovers online.’ Millions of users are frantically typing up short descriptions of themselves on their online dating profiles, hoping to draw the attention of a compatible partner. Rec...

Evolution of dating through the 20th century

Evolution of dating through the 20th century

Savannah Ostler, Staff Reporter

February 2, 2016

Throughout the 20th century, relationships have evolved from courting and staying in, to going out and online dating. Things that are not socially acceptable today were perfectly normal back then. People used to meet up with lots of different people and tried to get to know them, but today if peop...

Online dating is the new wave

Staff Reporter Michelle Bolden.

Michelle Bolden, Staff Reporter

February 2, 2016

There is nothing wrong with finding a little lovin’ online. That is, if someone feels more comfortable setting up dates through their computer rather than spending countless nights trying to get picked up at a bar, let them live! We all know those people who naturally seem so alluring and infectious th...

Valentine’s Day how-to

Stevie Tomaszewski, Staff Writer

February 11, 2013

As you walk through the entrance, your heart begins pounding vigorously and you begin to see flourishes of red and pink, blurring your vision. You are losing all sense of reality, and next thing you know, you trip over a naked baby poised to shoot you with an arrow. realize. It’s Valentine’s...

Long distance relationships should not be considered

Stevie Tomaszewski, Staff Writer

February 11, 2013

During high school, some students are keen on wearing their hearts on their sleeves and dabble in a couple relationships here and there. But what happens when you find the one? As the end of the school year approaches, so does the dreaded moment every teenager attempts to avoid: the talk. No, no,...

Long distance relationships can work

Paola Carrasco, Staff Writer

February 11, 2013

As teenagers, we can’t help but fall in love with eachother left and right as if our lives depended on it; it’s a part of our nature. We all want to find another half, and once that half is found, there are always obstacles that each relationship must face: respecting the rules of parents, dating...

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