Free lunches help keeping students healthy

Cafe staff member Shannon White prepares for A lunch. She sets out the ketchup for students to grab.

Sophia Hawkins

Cafe staff member Shannon White prepares for A lunch. She sets out the ketchup for students to grab.

There have been many downsides within the time spent in this pandemic, however, one positive factor coming out of it is free school lunch. Parents and students who have lost their jobs or can not go to work might not be able to afford lunches anymore. It has been a very hard year for people to try and work, so with free lunch and breakfast, it does not feel like another stressor for parents. Free lunch and breakfast have also helped kids keep their immune systems up and not getting sick from being so hungry. Schools should continue to keep having free school lunches until things go back to normal. 

The pandemic had a huge effect on people’s mental and physical health. People could not work during the quarantine, many companies lost money and unless they were considered essential workers people did not get a lot of hours to bring in a lot of income. While summer 2020 was being spent in quarantine and no one was working, schools were giving out free lunches to students in need. 

Not every student gets lunch every day which could be a waste of money towards the program. When asked, head cafeteria staff member Cindy Larson says “About in the school about 1400 [students]”. If in time the program is not being used as much the money could be put towards other things instead of lunch. Since it is still the beginning of a hard time kids are still getting free lunches and it is helping families. 

Students that get the free breakfast have more energy in the morning and have enough energy until lunch. When someone does not eat breakfast or lunch it can affect how much they apply themselves in their school work. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day to make sure the body wakes up and goes through the day feeling good. If students do not eat it could weaken their immune system and get them sick quicker. Free lunches give students something to eat so they do not go hungry while their parents are trying to work.