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Construction on campus comes full circle

Construction on campus comes full circle

Anna Myers, Staff Reporter

May 16, 2019

Students returned from winter break to bulldozers and cranes outside their English classes. Five months later, the construction on the new C building, the locker rooms, tennis courts, and the addition to the cafeteria has come full circle. The main site of construction is the two story building that has...

Puma Pipeline: welcoming new food options

Puma Pipeline: welcoming new food options

Sydney Wolfe, News Editor

November 19, 2018

A new food truck and other additions will be expected throughout the school year As the seasons changes, perhaps Perry Pumas can give thanks to the new food truck that will be implemented into school lunches. Finally, students can feast on an array of foods that deter away from the stereotypes of...

District aims to provide healthy alternatives to “empty calories”

Haley Brown, Staff Writer

December 12, 2013

Soda, sport drinks, and other sugary drinks are known to be called "empty calories". But other popular food dishes like pizza, ice cream, cookies and french fries also fit into the category of empty calories. Teenagers are bombarded by fast food restaurants, schools and grocery stores' advertising these extra ...

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