The Precedent

Paying for school lunch only makes cents

Saydria Ostler, Editor- In- Chief August 12, 2022

This year, students are now required to pay for lunch and breakfast. For the past two and a half years (ever since the coronavirus became rampant), the school has provided free lunch and breakfast to any...

Traditional recipes remixed for restrictions

Traditional recipes remixed for restrictions

Lauren Ludwig, Editor-In-Chief December 14, 2021

As the winter holiday season continues, many with food restrictions, diets, or allergies may find themselves missing out on many of the classic staples of holiday foods. Common sides such as mashed potatoes,...

These are just a few of the great snacks offered at Trader Joes.

Essential school snacks at Trader Joe’s

Lindsey Harrison, Double Truck Editor August 6, 2021

School is back which means no more grazing throughout the day or endless trips to the pantry. Now, you have to plan what you take in your backpack for the day. The best snacks can be motivating and will...

Salad And Go offers more than just salad. The “drive through revolution” offers delicious breakfast burritos and amazing coffee from a local brand.

Salad And Go: “drive through revolution” perfect for stress free brunch

Anna Myers, Managing Editor February 26, 2021

Brunch: to those with the most aesthetic feed, it is arguably the most important meal of the day. The lunch-breakfast hybrid presents a great opportunity to spend time with friends, dress up in overly...

Cafe staff member Shannon White prepares for A lunch. She sets out the ketchup for students to grab.

Free lunches help keeping students healthy

Sophia Hawkins, Staff Reporter January 29, 2021

There have been many downsides within the time spent in this pandemic, however, one positive factor coming out of it is free school lunch. Parents and students who have lost their jobs or can not go to...

Perry Students eat together during C Lunch. Many students are bunched up without masks rather than being socially distant

Perry faces issues with implementing new COVID regulations

Rachel Smith, Staff Reporter October 30, 2020

As students and staff officially transition back to in-person learning, the school has implemented new safety precautions inside and outside the classroom. Ranging from block schedules to new lunch procedures,...

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