Rage participates in Rocket League championship


Logan Cogley

Perry’s esports team, PHS Rage, will be competing in the PlayVS’ Rocket League championships.

Rage is the E-sports team and is ending their season by participating in a Rocket League Championship. 

The main three players participating in the championship are juniors Christian Lamb, Casey Medina, and Ayrton Marquez. A substitute for the team will be played by Carson Howard.

Lamb and Marquez both keep morale high among each other. Lamb said, “I think keeping the morale up is probably my biggest strength because they struggle with hitting pressure.” Medina also explains, “I’m probably more of a defensive player, rather than an attacker or a person who scores.”

The three teammates will be competing in PlayerVS’ Arizona Highschool Rocket League Championship, on May 8 at 9 am. They will compete against other Arizona high schools’ esport teams for the championship title. The championship will be live-streamed on the PlayVS Twitch channel.

The teammates are excited to work together and believe they have a good shot at winning the championships, and they hope to bring home the crown. “I mean we just want to win and get state, “ Medina said, “We just beat the number one seed, yesterday, and I’m sure we can beat whoever is left.”

The Rage team won 4 to 2 games and won the overall championship, ending the season with a victory.