The Precedent

Point vs. Counterpoint: Best Usage of Conference Period

Taylor Relvas, A/E Editor December 7, 2023

The 30-minute conference period has long existed, implemented with the purpose of allotting time for students to get a jump on their homework, and allowing clubs to have meetings during school hours. However,...

Counterpoint vs. Point: Is conference utilized efficiently or are students wasting time?

Wyatt Lehti, Sports and Photos Editor December 7, 2023

There is no question that numerous students tend to procrastinate their school work, and sometimes this work does not get completed until the bell, or does not get completed at all.  Students utilize...

Mental health warriors club plans to help with student athletes minds. As the school year progresses, the clubs help to provide resources to regulate students mental health.

Mental health for student athletes

Ellie Gotschall, Staff Reporter August 4, 2023

For the start of the sports season for the 2023-2024 school year, there is a lot of consideration when it comes to playing a sport. The mental health warriors club is starting back up again this year,...

Junior Nathan Groenwald after his triumphant victory over a Basha competitor.

Getting in Mental Warrior Shape

Taylor Relvas, Staff Reporter December 16, 2022

Many sports experts claim, “every sport is 50% physical and 50% mental.” With athletes investing large amounts of time and money into honing their physical abilities, the mental half of the athletic...

Students are busy enough as it is with homework, studying and some of them even have jobs. Expecting them to work for no reward is unreasonable and results in students disliking service.

Service hours are not genuine but that’s okay

Tyler Blandin, Website Director December 1, 2021

Community service clubs are everywhere around campus and offer students an opportunity to volunteer their time for various charitable causes in the community. At least, that is the idea. The reality...

On-campus clubs return with full force this school year. The old and new clubs built a community of acceptance for all students.

New clubs on campus foster environment for everyone

Emilee Painton and Saydria Ostler August 27, 2021

To bounce back from a year of unusual attendance and abrupt scheduling, clubs have been vigorously advertising to students and electing officers. The variety of clubs offered ranges from sports to fine...

Club spotlights: a year of challenges and perseverance

Nate Andrew, Staff Reporter May 14, 2021

In a year full of difficulties, many have turned to extracurricular activities or have found new hobbies to occupy themselves. Although certain limitations have made gathering and planning events more...

Perrys esports team, PHS Rage, will be competing in the PlayVS Rocket League championships.

Rage participates in Rocket League championship

Logan Cogley, Staff Reporter May 7, 2021

Rage is the E-sports team and is ending their season by participating in a Rocket League Championship.  The main three players participating in the championship are juniors Christian Lamb, Casey Medina,...

Women In Stem 2020-2021

Women in STEM pursuing during COVID-19

Presley Plant, Staff Reporter February 11, 2021

With the sudden impact of COVID-19 clubs had to shut down and either keep meetings virtual or not meet at all; however, with the new school year the Women in STEM club have been meeting since the start...

Dominique Walicke gets ready at the pitching mound for her club team. She continues to play with this team throughout Jan.

Club sports taking action during indecisiveness

Presley Plant, Staff Reporter January 28, 2021

This year, school sports have been moving around new guidelines, mask mandates, and whether or not they are going to be canceled. Due to this indecisiveness club sports are taking action. Normally a...

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