The Precedent

Eight seconds to make it count: life as bull rider

Emily Buttyan, Managing/Opinions Editor December 7, 2023

Eight seconds determine whether you are scored in your match. Eight seconds of being whipped back and forth on a bucking bull before that effort to not let go is counted. Eight seconds that Senior Spencer...

Junior Harper Mowry, takes a shot during match against Casteel High School. The boys and girls golf team is aiming for victory this season.

Changing courses

Sameer Kabir, Staff Reporter September 1, 2023

The boys and girls golf season has started, and the golfers have been intensely preparing to better their chances of victory. Contrary to other sports, every golf course has different environments and...

Unified track team standing on podiums holding medals

Together as one: Unified track

Anthony Puentes, Staff Reporter March 10, 2023

Unified Track is a sport that can improve the quality of life and can help build strength, it can also build friendships and overall social interaction. Unified track and unified sports in general combine...

Sebastian Torres playing Rocket League during practice. Practice mode is used a lot to widen skills

E-Sports Ready for Action

Karson Krause, Staff Reporter March 10, 2023

The E-Sports club is in search of new members. Every season plays through Jan. 31 through April 14 and those who join are taken through 11 matches with various other teams, once the players are determined...

A pie chart of the responses players gave with when asked what they eat before a game.

Powering up for game day

Tristan McCammond, Staff Reporter March 10, 2023

Food is an essential nutrient that not only fuels daily life but performance. For athletes who have a big game up and coming, performance is key, and the nutrients they consume can be a major factor in...

Varsity Football team charges across Spring Valley Highs field to open their first game of the the 2022 season.

New football season, new head coach

Emily Buttyan, staffer September 11, 2022

Football season began with a game in Las Vegas against Spring Valley. The team won their first game of the season, finishing at a score of 19-14. Anticipation is high for the 2022 football season, with...

Sophomore prodigy attends Junior Olympics

Jackson Bergholz, Reviews Editor August 14, 2022

Sophomore, Koa Peat is an up and coming basketball player who recently had the chance to play on the Junior Olympics basketball team. Peat is currently number two in the country and a highly anticipated...

Senior Oanh Le lunges towards the birdie ready to send it back to her opponent. Badminton won the past five years so there is added stress for seniors this year hoping to earn another state title.

Final season stress

Reagan Reynolds, Opinions Editor and Social Media Editor August 12, 2022

The desired “senior season” creeps up on athletes as they go through their high school years. Since there is a stigma around being a senior there are several pressures that come with it.  As a senior...

Junior baseball player Zach Agnew was hit in the face in a game against Hamilton. He pitched the ball and it came back and hit him in the face.

Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

Jackson Bergholz, staff reporter November 1, 2021

In the world of sports, getting injured is something every athlete must be aware of. While some injuries may be minor, others could be devastating and, possibly, career ending. Some injuries are just a...

Perrys esports team, PHS Rage, will be competing in the PlayVS Rocket League championships.

Rage participates in Rocket League championship

Logan Cogley, Staff Reporter May 7, 2021

Rage is the E-sports team and is ending their season by participating in a Rocket League Championship.  The main three players participating in the championship are juniors Christian Lamb, Casey Medina,...

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