Mountain biking club offers adrenaline action, needs members

Mountain biking has captivated people’s interests for all the right reasons; it offers striking desert landscape, provides adrenaline-soaked action, and also is an unique way to get fit.

The sport has earned its own spot at Perry; sponsored by principal Dan Serrano, the mountain biking club provides a place for bikers to converse.

“…I ride, and there was a group of kids that wanted to just have a club where they could meet and talk [about biking]…” Serrano stated.

However, outside of Perry is where the action truly takes place. Member of the club, sophomore Erin Gustafson stated, “During season [second quarter] we meet basically every Saturday in the morning…but often, if someone wants to go for a ride after school or before school…we’ll go out and ride.”

While it is only a club, Gustafson stated it functions as any sport does at Perry. It has gender-segregated teams, each with their own levels of ability, ranging from Varsity to Freshmen teams.

The club competes against other schools across Arizona. Both Gustafson and Serrano hope the sport can attract more members in order for the club to progress.

Urging Perry students to join, Gustafson stated the club is available for all levels: “Go ahead and try it…even if you don’t have a bike, we can find you a bike. If you’re interested, we would love to have you on the team.”