Dancing through time


Karson Krause

Malia Novak performing at the Night at the Grammys Dance show. Apart of her featured piece

The Moveo Dance Company and Advanced Dance performed a show on Dec. 8 and 9. The Moveo Dance Teacher Fara Sadler helped direct the show along with the dance council, who helped choreograph the shows. The main theme of the show was the Night at the Grammys; every song or album put in this show has won a Grammy in their time of release. Different albums and songs such as “Channel Orange” by Frank Ocean that won the 2013 Grammy for the Urban Contemporary Album, and “Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles that won the 1967 Grammy in three categories including Best Contemporary Vocal Performance were all a part of the show. The show consists of 19 total pieces of various different genres throughout decades of music. 

Senior Malia Novak helped choreograph three pieces in the show and danced in five other pieces. When she was younger, Novak’s mom took her into dancing, and as soon as she found her community, she stuck with it. Novak has choreographed various different pieces for shows in the past and in this show, she is making a piece with her favorite song, “Pink Matter” by Frank Ocean. 

This is one of her last shows in High School, and she hopes this one will make the past four years count. Novak is overlooking several colleges with dance programs indecisive on what she should do. “It’s a hard industry, and I don’t want to end on a bad note, so if I don’t want to go into [college dance], I wanna end on a good note which I think is my year like now.” As Novak goes through her last year of high school, many opportunities can come her way and has great recognition for her work

Junior, Chloe Suko, is a dancer for Moveo company. In this show, she choreographed 2 pieces and appeared in 6 others. Suko dances at Full out performance dance company. She first started loving to dance when she was around 11 years old and plans to dance professionally later on in the future hopefully going to New York to perform shows.

One piece that Sadler is especially excited about is the main show, “Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles. Instead of using speakers to play the music, the live band and choir will be incorporated into the show with the dancers. “It is a great collaboration between the dancers and musicians, but also it is a great opportunity for musicians and the artists to work in a realm that’s not normally theirs,” said Sadler. Other pieces are said to incorporate the auditorium’s scenery and decorations. In every show they perform, they make a community inside that make friends for life and even family.