Sophomore prodigy attends Junior Olympics

Sophomore, Koa Peat is an up and coming basketball player who recently had the chance to play on the Junior Olympics basketball team. Peat is currently number two in the country and a highly anticipated name in the sport. Here is what he had to say about the Junior Olympics.

Jackson Bergholz: What was the tournament?

Koa Peat: It was the 17u World Cup.

JB: How did they choose you/ what was the application progress?

KP: They invited [me] to the training camp out in Colorado Springs, and you went there and tried out for the team. It was a great experience, the coaches were very good, the competition was very good. [It was] all around a good experience. 

JB: How was the coaching/practicing different from the way Perry would normally do it?

KP: It is pretty much the same. Both were very similar coaches and layouts. So I would say I was prepared for what was to come, for sure.

JB: What was the energy/intensity of the camp and the games?

KP: It was very high. Everyone wanted to make the team; everyone wanted to be a part of team USA. Every game was really high intensity. 

JB: How are you gonna bring what you learned back to Perry? 

KP: All the great coaching there, coming back, they really helped me get better as a player. So really just being a good player, coming back to Perry, and winning another state championship. 

JB: How do you think this will prepare you for future seasons and your overall career?

KP: It really helps cause you know, the coaching was really good. I really just took all of their information in like a sponge, and it really made me better as a player. 

Peat has received over ten offers from schools ranging from ASU to Stanford. His freshman year he averaged 15 points per game as a forward. All of this being accomplished only in one year of high school with much more to be done in his future.