Spring 2021; Calling for unique self-expression

The spring fashion season for 2021 has arrived and many familiar and new trends are coming during the next few months. 

Of course, the familiar floral and nature-esque patterns are coming back into style. Along with those, tie-dye has made a comeback over the past few months. The colorful print is versatile and can be on almost everything from shoes to scrunchies, as well as, the fun splash of colors can be worn casually or when stylized, for going out.

Color is another huge style coming back into fashion. Done with the monochromatic black, white, and grey wardrobes; vibrant, baby, and pastel colors are all coming back to show the fun youthfulness spring has to offer. One-color that is surprisingly being given a chance in the spotlight, is orange. Orange is a recently trendy color and could be from the recent resurgence of the 90s and 2000s inspired clothing styles.

Zodiacs and zodiac signs have also been another trend as of late. The fascination with the star signs or the possibly supernatural has prompted many clothing and accessory styles to be popularized. This allows for anyone to display and or take inspiration from some of the zodiac sign’s uniqueness and mysticality, and display that through their fashion.

Accessories have also been an addition to the spring seasonal styles. Items like unique bucket hats, a mix of modern and vintage-inspired sunglasses, and different styles of corsets are all becoming popular items to accessorize with.

Different bag types have also become the next big thing. From tote bags to 2000’s mini purses, special bags go with almost every outfit and can be worn to any event. This year, accessorizing with many different types of accessories has been what is most popular. This is mainly because it allows for unique individuality and self-expression, which is what fashion is all about.

With that, one of the most popular types of accessories this year is jewelry.

Jewelry seemingly has been one of the most popular accessories this year. Dainty and minimalistic jewelry has been coming back as well, and beaded jewelry has been an up-and-coming trend this spring.

The real star of the show though has been the rings. Rings have been one of the most favored types of jewelry, and their different styles have called for different jewelry trends, such as simple bands, custom clay rings, stone and wire rings, chunky rings, etc. This plethora of ring varieties means that there is something for everyone to enjoy and accessorize with.

Some students like, Senior Miri Chan, and Junior McKenna Smitheram, have even begun to produce and sell rings of their own. 

For about the last two years, Smitheram has been producing her very own rings and marketing them through Rings by Kenna. She produces the rings by recycling spoon and fork handles or having pre-made rings also made. Smitheram said for her types of rings she offers, “I just make the plain round rings or I can make spiral rings.”

While she does not have any upcoming seasonal items, Smitheram said that she always has new items coming in to sell.

Senior Miri Chan, founder, and owner of The Ring Spot has also been producing her rings as a part of her business, for amount eight to nine months. She offers a wide style selection of rings. Chan said, “So I have my classic one which is just a silver band with like any stamp. And then, I have like a crystal ring, a sphere ring, a double loop, which is like looped wire, and then I have gold styles of evil eyes, pearls, and flowers.” 

The Ring Spot is also not offering any spring special designs or rings, however, Chan has released a new Zodiac collection featuring a custom ring or small necklace with one of the star sign symbols stamped on it. Chan also said too that, “I would say I go more by like trend than like the springtime because my products are pretty consistent and so I just release new stamps for the classic rings and stuff.”

So as the spring fashion trends begin to take over. It’s a good idea to dress in whatever is most comfortable and in tune with the lovely season, through breezy and unique clothes and fashionable accessories.