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The student voice of Perry High School

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The student voice of Perry High School

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Drama club kicks off auditions for “Mean Girls”

Wyatt Lehti
Auditions week can be very stressful for those who participate. It is important to have a balance between auditions and other factors of life to not become overwhelmed.

Fresh off last year’s success in “Mamma Mia”, Drama Club has now begun the audition process for their take on “Mean Girls”. The auditions took place on Tuesday and Wednesday, with call backs taking place on Thursday, Aug. 10.

There are many students who are new to drama that are going to be participating in these auditions, and potentially in the play. Being new, their inexperience may be a disadvantage compared to other students, who have been in drama for what may be their entire high school career. “Mean Girls” is freshman Sarah Bouck’s first high school play which can  be stressful. Bouck elaborated on this and said, “It will be a little nerve racking, but not as big of a deal because I have done plays in the past.” Previous drama experience can help soothe nerves when it comes to preparing for high school auditions.

Upperclassmen, on the other hand, are better prepared for the auditioning stage as many of them have gone through this process before. Senior Julia Pitman held the lead role in last year’s “Mamma Mia” play, and she agrees. She stated, “I think it will be more fun because I have more experience with Perry Drama.” Drama Teacher Shawna Marquis had some different opinions, though. She went on to say, “Everyone’s going to have nerves for sure. Upperclassmen who have been through the process before at least have an idea of what it’s like.” Not all upperclassmen have auditioned before, so it may also be a new experience for them.

Preparation is key to success in auditions, no matter age or experience.. All around, students are practicing and preparing for their roles individually. Bouck stated, “I have been practicing at home, I’ve been singing the song, and I also watched “Mean Girls” to get ready for the character.” As “Mean Girls” is a musical, singing will be a large aspect of the play, and important for all roles.

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Singing is not the only aspect of the “Mean Girls,” though, as Pitman stated that, “I have been listening to the part tracks, and practicing a lot.” The actual acting itself will be a huge aspect of the play, and it would be difficult to achieve a role without acting experience.

Behind the scenes, there has been a lot of work going into the play as well. For example, Marquis stated that drama would be, “Using projections for this show, they’re actually very similar to the Broadway projections that are used.” This play is going to be set with a higher standard, using more professional equipment.

When “Mean Girls” performances begin, people should be prepared for a fun, upbeat, music and lively performance. While it is still early in the process, “Mean Girls” is preparing for the bigger stage and will be ready to go in no time.

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