Together as one: Unified track


Rose Escalante

Unified track team standing on podiums holding medals

Unified Track is a sport that can improve the quality of life and can help build strength, it can also build friendships and overall social interaction. Unified track and unified sports in general combine people, Pairing them up together to participate in training and competitions. 

With the season of running in full swing there is no better time to pick up the activity. Track is typically a spring sport. Rose Escalante, the unified track coach explained, “So our track season isn’t like really long. We only have three track meets, so it starts in like maybe the middle of February, which will be our first track meet.” Escalante then went on to explain the other dates they have track meets, the last being right before spring break.

The shortness of such a season is clear, and that is consistent every year, but some things are not. Things change and differ as the years go by. Escalante said, “I had 22 athletes last year, and I got maybe eight more this year. So I got a little bit more”, continuing on to mention how she helped parents sign their children up, and how inclusivity is something being seen by not only parents, but also students themselves. 

It’s clear numbers fluctuate, and people come and go, but what about people who’ve been there long term, people who’ve seen the changes themselves. Junior Matthew Colones, having this to say “I wouldn’t say it’s different, it’s a lot more competitive since we have more athletes, but we still care about everyone we have.” Sportsmanship and teamwork are crystal clear according to this member.

Another Athlete of the team, Senior Ryliee Fuller had this to say “There are a lot more people on it this year than there was last year. A rise in popularity is clear with unified track, and with the much more inclusive environment, the numbers are bound to grow.

As time goes by, the team gets larger and perhaps the sportsmanship of being on the team plays a part, Colones having this to say “It was actually a really good experience with my coach, she gave everyone the best training to her best ability, she’s great.” Once again fuller, having a similar but much shorter answer, “It was good, I like the coach, I’ve gained a lot more speed then last year.”

Unified track can bring people together, and it can show inclusivity and unity, along with the earnings of new experiences, and although not a popular sport, perhaps it’ll continue to grow as the years go by.