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Practice makes perfect

Girls volleyball games v. tournaments
Senior libero Nicole Kim serves the ball to start a point. Serving is a crucial skill in the game of volleyball, and is a main focus in practices.

Fall sports are officially underway, and among them is girls volleyball. However, girls volleyball is a bit unique compared to other sports in the sense that they not only play individually, but also in larger tournaments where they compete against multiple different high schools at once. This creates a unique training and preparation aspect, as teams in the tournament may differ vastly from others.

Games and tournaments differ in a few different ways. For example, individual games last longer than games in a tournament do. Senior Nicole Kim said, “For tournaments, we play [and] rest so we can have our bodies ready for the next game.” The tournaments that are played in the high school setting are also similar to the tournaments played within a club setting, which many players like Kim participate in.

Tournaments are one of the most crucial aspects of the game, despite the fact that they can often be overlooked. Mann discussed this further, mentioning that, “Girls who may not be starters can get some reps (play time) and see if they can contribute.” Tournaments are played at a faster pace than regular games, and this allows for different players to come in and prove themselves to the team and to coaches.

Despite the actual events differing, the preparation that goes into each is just about the same. Junior Kenna Cogill elaborated on this, she states, “We all put in the same amount of effort even though it [practice] doesn’t count for anything.” Practice is still always important for everyone, despite the fact that practice is not seen by the public eye.

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In retrospect, varsity coach Fred Mann discussed the differences in preparing for these events. He continued, “There is a lot of skill development going on.” The drills done and skills developed through practice include serving, passing, and learning different systems in the game.

In and out of practices, the team does participate in team-building exercises as well. For one instance, Kim states, “we (the team) practice right before we leave for away games at Perry, and we try to get our mind right.” Away games can be intimidating in not only the physical but also the mental aspect, and being with your team to get into the correct state of mind can prove to be beneficial.

There are other team-building exercises the team participates in on top of pre-game practices, though. A key example are team dinners, which are held on Mondays. Cogill discusses this saying, “Every Monday we have team dinner, so we can connect as a team.” Doing these exercises helps build a great bond throughout the team, and builds chemistry that can shine through during games.

Whether playing in a tournament or in a game, girls volleyball will always prioritize preparation, whether it be team building or skill building. These help to shape the team on put them on track for a successful season.




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