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Dynamics behind badminton doubles

Kiyoung Haavisto
During matches, coaches give advice to their players. Junior Robin Bui receives advice from one of her coaches in preparation for her game.

Pairs for doubles in Varsity Badminton are assigned at the beginning of each season and it takes some time to settle on compatible partnerships. Duos are changed and mixed up until there is an appropriate match.

Conveniently, badminton players are allowed to request a doubles partner to the coach. By the time doubles is official, teammates work their way to proper transitions, strong shots, and seamless communication amongst one another. 

Players work together on the court in pairs, covering certain shots interchangeably, but miscommunications can lead to mistakes such as missing a shot. It is critical that players in doubles know what shot is theirs. Junior Varsity Badminton player Robin Bui stated, “Usually, other partners will have to call out certain shorts like ‘This one’s mine!’ [but] we don’t really say anything on the court because we know where we’re going.” Bui and her partner, Junior Varsity Badminton player Alexa Englert, are strong when it comes to their communication.

Sophomore Varsity Badminton player Maisie Stoten is best friends with her partner, Sophomore Varsity Badminton Ryleigh Beitler. Since they get along very well, playing together is natural. Stoten admitted, “Sometimes we do get a little off task, but I think that when it comes down to it, we are really good.” In games, they maintain focus on the match and are suitable as a pair.

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Most importantly, the goal of doubles is to enhance the other player’s performance. The pair depends on each other, and if one mistake is made, it is important that there will not be another following it. Bui further explained, “[If] my partner messes up a point, then I can’t mess up the next point. If two mistakes are made in a row, then it will mess up the rhythm.” Once the rhythm is lost, it takes time to get back into the flow which can be a great setback in the middle of a game.

New Varsity Badminton coach Sandra Zemaitis looks for personalities that align with one another. Zemaitis detailed, “We make sure the personalities of athletes combine nicely together and then their ability as well.” Personalities and athletic styles vary from player to player, so a strong partnership relies on the type of athlete they are and whether those styles work together or clash on the court.

On top of playing doubles, the players play singles as well. They are able to play on an individual level, but also have the capability to communicate and cooperate with another teammate. Playing singles focuses on one’s personal skill and technique. It requires more stamina and endurance to cover one side of the net while doubles needs communication and coordination, sharing the court appropriately.

Doubles is a different focus when it comes to the sport and emphasizes different qualities that do not appear often in individual sports. It is an opportunity to build friendships and acquire skills that are valuable in other parts of life.

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Kiyoung Haavisto
Kiyoung Haavisto, News Editor
Kiyoung is a junior at Perry high school. This is her first year on the Precedent staff. Kiyoung is involved in Puma Pals and does martial arts as a black belt. Additionally, she likes baking, cooking, and writing in her free time.

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