It’s Valentine’s Day: Here are some COVID safe date ideas


Valentine’s Day is a holiday to show love to a significant other, friends, or yourself. Spending Valentines Day either with someone or not, the celebration should always be a special time to show some love. Even with COVID-19 occuring there are still so many things to do that are safe. 


Couples ideas 

Going out on dates can still be a thing but instead of going to a restaurant go on a date at home. Couples can order takeout from a good restaurant they both love. While the food is on its way, make a fort or a picnic with tons of pillows and blankets. Put on a good movie and watch it while being cozy and eating take out. 


Another project couple idea is to do the Tik Tok painting trend. Start off with buying a medium size canvas and choice color of paint for each person. Start by painting the opposite hands of each person. You will then place your hands on the canvas in the shape of a heart with the thumb prints overlapping. You can create a variation of placing tape down first so you have a place to write your names or anniversary. 


Another date idea is to go out to a store  and pick out some snacks- the twist is how to pick out the snacks. Both people take turns pointing at the chips, candy, drinks, or even frozen pizzas. While someone says start and the person moves their arm up and down while walking through the aisle. When the person says stop, that’s the snack that’ll be served. Once at home you can eat all the snacks while asking these questions that help create a deeper connection between the two of you. 


Self love ideas

Valentine’s Day could also be the best day for self care. Self care can go in many ways and have different forms. Staying in and lighting a candle, doing a face mask, and doing a skin care routine is always so relaxing. A productive way to go out and spend some time alone is going out to go take Instagram pictures. Dress in a cute outfit, bring a tripod out to a big park and just start snapping pictures on the timer using the back camera. If there are no big parks or good places to take pictures, home is also a good place. Grab a colorful sheet and put up a cute backdrop and set it up with other random props. 


For the people who do not celebrate Valentine’s Day make sure to go to Walmart and get all the discounted candy the day after. Everyone needs a reason to eat candy and binge their favorite movies. Some ideas for any anti-Valentine’s Day people out there would be “The First Wives Club” or “John Tucker Must Die” as some ideas.


Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day with someone special or taking the day for yourself, being aware of COVID guidelines will help ensure a safe Valentine’s Day.