The Precedent

Cello players Anvita Limaye and Sienna Weikel perform as members of the Symphonic Orchestra. The orchestra performed a variety of pieces, led by their director Dr. Dopp.

Orchestra debut concert; return to normalcy

Sophie Barkett, Reviews/ Opinions editor October 3, 2021

The Orchestra's fall concert is titled, “Concert Debut”, and features Perry’s concert, symphonic, and chamber orchestra. There was no specific theme to the performances, however the overall nature...

Opinion: COVID-19 regulations should continue to be relaxed

Opinion: COVID-19 regulations should continue to be relaxed

Tyler Blandin, Website Director August 27, 2021

Opinion: COVID-19 regulations should continue to be relaxed Students need a return to normalcy. Prom. Homecoming. Assemblies. To deny students these events is to rob them of their high school experience....

Productivity enhanced by with traditional schedule

Productivity enhanced by with traditional schedule

Meghan McGowan, Staff Reporter August 6, 2021

The start of the 2021-2022  school year brings back many routines that have not been practiced since before COVID, including  traditional school days. It has been over a year since students and teachers...

The end of the year academic awards system has changed; now being centered around a students GPA.

New academic award systems allow more students to be recognized

Logan Cogley, Staff Reporter April 23, 2021

It has been a little over a year since big events like prom and graduation were canceled. However, some of these events are making a comeback, one of which being the end-of-year academic awards. In...

Class of 2021 walking out of the gates of Perry High school.

Graduation moves from ASU to Perry after vaccination distribution takes over arena

Sophia Hawkins, staff reporter April 23, 2021

This year’s graduation ceremony, which has been held the past couple of years at Arizona State University’s Desert Financial Arena, has been moved to the Perry football stadium after a vaccination...

As spring progresses, college results have come out in waves, ranging from the beginning of March to the beginning of April. Most likely due to the removal of standardized tests, there has been a large increase in college applications, which in turn made getting in much harder than before.

With removal of standardized test requirements, college application rates increase

Nadine Loureiro, Editor-in-Chief April 1, 2021

College letters are being sent out to students worldwide, carrying news of rejection, acceptance, or the middle ground: the waitlist. With the pandemic’s prominent presence in 2020, the class of 2021...

The question of whether or not schools should make in needed to be COVID-19 vaccinated to attend

COVID vaccine should not be mandatory requirement in public schools

Braden Toth, Staff Writer February 26, 2021

The COVID-19 vaccine has been distributed for about three months and has had its fair share of controversy, but many issues are occurring whether or not teenagers and children should receive the vaccine...

With the COVID vaccine being distributed through waves of people, there comes the question as to whether or not it should become mandatory for public school students to take it. There are various benefits with making the vaccine mandatory for students: it can make teens safer, decrease the chances of going back online, and ensure that students can have a normal high school experience.

COVID vaccine should become mandatory within public schools

Nadine Loureiro, Editor-in-Chief February 26, 2021

Time continues to pass with COVID still being a prominent part of people's lives. However, a recent development that was brought forward is the COVID vaccine. With vaccines come different requirements,...

Senior middle blocker Cam Neiman at preseason practice on Friday Feb. 26 preparing for tryouts starting on Mar. 1st.

Boys volleyball finishing what they started

Meghan McGowan, Staff Reporter February 25, 2021

Boys volleyball had an abrupt stop to their season last year when COVID shut everything down, but the team has been working since then to create just as strong of a team this year, and accomplishing what...

It’s Valentines Day: Here are some COVID safe date ideas

It’s Valentine’s Day: Here are some COVID safe date ideas

Sophia Hawkins, Staff reporter February 12, 2021

Overview  Valentine's Day is a holiday to show love to a significant other, friends, or yourself. Spending Valentines Day either with someone or not, the celebration should always be a special time...

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