What about the seniors?

After the AIA cancelled and restored winter sports, student athletes’ near future seem shaky

Senior Alex Gutierrez ties up against his opponent during the first wrestling match of the season.

Anthony Iannarelli

Senior Alex Gutierrez ties up against his opponent during the first wrestling match of the season.

COVID-19 has quite literally changed everything that happens in this world. 

By threatening public safety, the pandemic has been most people’s number one concern when it comes to resuming sports seasons. After the delayed start of the third quarter, the AIA  cancelled winter sports in a narrow vote and then reinstated them just two days later. After this little hiccup, winter sports have now pushed forwards and the first competitions happened in this past week. Steadily pushing forward, the winter season seems under way but it might not be back for long.

In the midst of the height of Coronavirus, football raged on. Finding ways to compete seemed as if it was important to everyone. 

Now as cases rise almost to the same levels as before, no one seems to be fighting for winter sports. 

Winter sports have  been deemed  unimportant and minor by many, but sports such as wrestling, soccer and basketball are the center of quite a few students’ lives. Having put upwards of 15 years into their sport, many students do not deserve to not have a high school season this year. Thinking of the massive group of varsity athletes that have competed up until this point of their life just to play where they are playing but amidst COVID concerns, their season is uncertain.

For many of the seniors at Perry, this is their last season to play their sport. This essentially means that all of the work that was put forth in the previous three years builds up to this singular moment, this season, and this opportunity to compete. After all of the work that was put in, ending this season early is no way to repay the seniors for all of the hard work that they put in over the last couple of years.

Many athletes compete for the opportunity to win a scholarship to college. Scholarships are one of the best rewards that a student athlete can receive. For many, these offers mean that college could be paid for, they can play their sport longer, and that they have a chance to go professional. Most athletes strive to gain the scholarships for better lives and a more promising future. Cancelling this year’s winter sports season would cancel a lot of athlete’s dreams. Without a season, there will be no scholarships to give to participants. Without scholarships to give, those who needed scholarships to get into college will be unable to without going into serious amounts of debt. By cancelling this winter season, it would potentially take away some athlete’s ability to go to college.

Long story short, Perry athletes need a winter season. Not only to be able to compete, but in order to have a future or even fun. Think about the seniors. They deserve more than just disappointment.