Pandemic vs. Pom


By this point, the COVID-19 pandemic had affected everything that is considered normal on a global scale. Schools, businesses, and everyday activities have been shut down. The sports seasons which were scheduled for Spring have been canceled, and with this pom is included.

In an effort to social distance, all pom practices and events have canceled, including the end of the year banquet that many pommies look forward to. Auditions have been postponed until further notice along with summer camp.

As school is no longer in session, the pom team will not get to perform for the end of the year assembly, an event that allows the seniors to take the spotlight. Alike to most things involving seniors during this time, the senior pom girls will be missing out on a traditional senior experience meant to honor them and their time in high school.

Assistant coach, Alesandra Barth, says, “the entire coaching staff is so sad that we cannot honor our seniors this year!”

The girls in question are staying active and keeping a very positive attitude through this.

Barth also says that “some girls are pursuing college-level pom and trying out by sending video tryouts,”

While quarantine is not believed to end or loosen until May, many college-level teams have taken to providing electronic video tryouts for the next season.

Barth herself is also an English teacher along with being the assistant coach of the pom team. She is working full-time from home while also taking care of her toddler. Despite this, her online courses are running smoothly and she is pleased with the effort the students have been putting into their work.

Many teachers are split on the matter of grades being unable to drop from what they were in the third quarter.

“I agree with the district! My students have a lot on their plates right now, and I love that our grading policy encourages students to do work to improve grades without the stress,” Barth explains her thoughts on the matter.

Along with continuing to work full-time and taking care of her toddler, Barth is expecting a new baby boy in her family by August.