Lindsey Clouse: practicing and preparing


Lindsey Clouse has been part of the puma regiment for four years. She has been in various bands while in high school.

Senior year is a time for rites of passage as one chapter of life comes to a close and another opens. School shutdowns due to the COVID-19 outbreak have put a halt to this chapter, and stripped many students of their usual opportunities. 

Lindsey Clouse is a senior that, like most, has been left wondering what happened to her senior year and, more importantly, where everything is headed. 

Throughout her time in high school, band has been one of the highlights of her schedule. Persevering from one level to the next, it is fair to say that band has held a special place in her heart. 

“I’ve been in marching band, symphonic band, and jazz band,” Clouse said. “I’ve been in multiple bands every year throughout high school.”

Starting in fifth grade as a new trumpet player, she progressed and grew as a musician to a member of the highest level of high school band.

Both of her parents play instruments. She said she chose her instrument, “Because my dad plays the trumpet as well.” Her mom currently works as a piano teacher. 

She now practices approximately ten hours a week and is planning on attending Arizona State University. 

“I’m majoring in music education to become a band teacher,” she said. “I have been taking conducting lessons from Mr. Sampayan and learning about the job from him and Mr. Kiesgen.” She decided on this career path when she first started playing, and has remained passionate about it. 

She has also been working on assignments from jazz band. “We are listening to a song and transcribing what we hear on our instruments,” she said. “We take the solos that people have improvised and we try to learn them by ear and make them sound just like the original.” This helps them add new techniques to their own abilities which helps with their own improvised solos. Jazz band emphasizes solo abilities to help the students play various styles of music. Her band teachers have also given playing and other types of video assignments.