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  • October 22Girls Volleyball: Perry v. Chandler, October 27, 2020
  • October 22Badminton: Perry v. Brophy, October 27, 2020
  • October 22Football: Perry v. Highland October 23, 2020

Lindsey Clouse: practicing and preparing

Lindsey Clouse has been part of the puma regiment for four years.  She has been in various bands while in high school.

Lydia Hampton

April 26, 2020

Senior year is a time for rites of passage as one chapter of life comes to a close and another opens. School shutdowns due to the COVID-19 outbreak have put a halt to this chapter, and stripped many students of their usual opportunities.  Lindsey Clouse is a senior that, like most, has been left wonder...

Jasper Lee’s success in magic captures school attention

Lee's cards fall right into place

Sarah Cheang, Staff Reporter

November 15, 2016

Hidden talents roam the halls daily, and for those like junior Jasper Lee, people can begin to take notice of such novelty. His love for magic began around the age of five, but he never thought he would be able to pick up a deck of his own. Lee began practicing magic his freshman year after a...

Quenching thirst across Perry’s campus

Senior Andrew Hom poses with his marching band bag containing the various types of sodas he sells. Selling theses sodas has earned Hom the token name of “Soda Guy” by his clients.

Emily Narducci, Staff Reporter

August 25, 2016

Many high schoolers dream of striking it big and making bank while still juggling the pressures of classes, homework and a social life. For Andrew Hom, his unconventional way of earning some extra cash during school garnered him respect and appreciation from his fellow peers. Hom, a senior band ...

State of the art

Abigail Starkey working on a painting in her art class.

Sarah Campbell, Staff Reporter

February 4, 2016

It is thought that everyone is born with a ‘God-given talent’- something that makes them unique; something they were born to do. Many spend their whole lives in search of this talent, but very few manage to come across it early on. Among these few is senior Abigail Starkey, whose creative artist...

Ballerina dances her way to prestigious summer program while fulfilling passion

Kline began dancing when she was three years old and currently dances six to seven days of the week. Her work is about to pay off as she attends the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Summer Intensive.

Aja Diffin, Staff Reporter

March 3, 2015

Junior Payton Kline has recently pirouetted her way into many different opportunities centered around her most prominent passion: ballet. On Jan. 30, she received some personal validation as she placed significantly highly in the Las Vegas regionals of the world's largest international student dance...

Ivy League bound student ranks Harvard acceptance among his accomplisments

Ivy League bound student ranks Harvard acceptance among his accomplisments

Rebecca Hoffmann, Staff Reporter

January 20, 2015

Many students aspire to achieve their goals during this four-year experience we call high school. Standing valedictorian, senior Jeffery “JJ” Andrade, has recently reached what he claims to be his biggest accomplishment, acceptance into Harvard University. Andrade has worked towards achieving...

Trapeze artist takes part in dangerous art

Trapeze artist Zoee Gregg practices her techniques at Trapeze U in Gilbert.

Roger Bennett, Staff Writer

February 11, 2013

Zoe Gregg has a unique set of skills, and you would never know it if you just sat next to her in fourth hour English. A trapeze student, Gregg has been performing dangerous stunts on the trapeze for nearly three months and her efforts deserve the admiration. “It’s an exciting activity that is...

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