Harry Styles’ fashion, and effect on campus

Senior, Natalya Delsante often wears Harry Styles inspired outfits around campus.

Logan Cogley

Senior, Natalya Delsante often wears Harry Styles inspired outfits around campus.

Harry Styles is a very prominent name in today’s age. He is a famous pop singer, who has released many popular songs such as “Watermelon Sugar” and “Golden”. He was also a part of an extremely popular boy band group called One Direction in the 2010s. 

The singer has developed an outgoing and unique fashion style, that can be seen with his hot pink and white “Fine Lines” album cover outfit as well as his vibrant outfits showcased in the “Watermelon Sugar ” music video. And this fashion style is making it’s way to some of the student population.

Harry Styles’ fashion style is very bold. Freshman, Peyton Olster, described his style, “He is not afraid to wear what he wants or to be discriminated against, and who feels that no clothes have gender…” He can be seen in many different outfits. The most prominent features of his collection are items that have floral prints, high-waisted pants, sweaters, overcoats, jewelry, and half-buttoned shirts. 

However, his style is staunchly unique, when compared to other actors and singers of today. 

What makes him so different, is that he does not conform to the male beauty standards of Hollywood. Freshman, Alli Jex also describes Harry Styles’ fashion, “I think it is iconic because he does not let a piece of fabric define gender.”

Styles has been known to wear many different items of clothing, not typically worn by men. His suits are exciting as they often use vibrant colors or fun patterns. At the 2019 Met Gala, he wore a black lace top with ruffles leading from the center of his neck, along with extremely high waisted black pants that reached above his stomach, to his lower chest. And in some of his music videos, he is seen to be wearing flowy blouses and pants, or other bottom choices.

But one of his most iconic looks was when he was on the cover of Vogue magazine, in 2020. On the cover of the magazine, the singer wore a dress and a blazer coat. Inside there were also more shots of him in skirts and coats, as well as unique looks with eccentric tops and bottoms.

With this photoshoot, Styles showed that people should be able to wear whatever they want to, and that’s what many fans took from it.

When looking on campus, Styles surely has inspired some of the fashion choices students make. Some students are wearing more exciting and different sweaters, as well as jewelry and merchandise of Harry Styles, but many are now embracing their own self-expression through fashion. Sophomore, Lauren Mizzi states, “I think people can be themselves, and they are more confident in what they wear now.” 

Because of Harry Styles and his confidence in his unique fashion choices, a plethora of the student population has a newfound confidence in what they wear now. Some students are even trying out new styles and clothing items because of the singer, as well as using him as inspiration for different outfits.

So due to Harry Styles and his out of the box fashion choices, many more students are now wearing things that make them feel more comfortable and stylish around campus.