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Nova Miller: 90’s music with a modern twist

Nova Miller: 90's music with a modern twist

February 6, 2020

Music has always been a part of 18-year-old Nova Miller’s life. Nova has early memories of sleeping in her parent’s guitar case backstage while they were on tour. She was discovered by retired artist turned music executive Lolene in a Stockholm dance studio at the age of 12.  She is a multi-...

Billie Eilish: breaking away from pop music stereotypes

Album cover for new Billie Eilish album

Kiley Newby, Staff reporter

January 16, 2020

Billie Eilish is a name many people know but her unorthodox approach to the music scene makes her stand out. With both her clothing and music style she is definitely out of the box. Her recent success has MTV Video Music awards for Best Editing and Best New Artist, as well as Favorite Breakout Artist...

Everybody’s Everything: Gone but not forgotten

Kiley Newby, Staff reporter

November 25, 2019

After Lil Peep passed away in 2017, music continued to be released. His death skyrocketed his career. Since 2017 two albums have been released. “Everybody’s Everything” was set to be released alongside a documentary of Lil Peep’s life. The album doesn't stray far from the emo-punk style fans kn...

Top listens to help students relax

Dayton Jones

September 3, 2019

Many students listen to music on a daily basis, even in school while completing their work, but music can impact stress levels in many different ways. It is going to be a stressful year coming up and the pumas need to be prepared with the aid of music. There are many different genres and subgenres in...

Rostam’s masterpiece debut album Half-Light impresses

Rostam’s masterpiece debut album Half-Light impresses

Ian Graham, Editor

September 26, 2017

Rostam Batmanglij has become an important hidden force in the music industry, collaborating on projects like Frank Ocean’s Blonde and co-producing HAIM’s latest album Something To Tell You. Batmanglij was vital to creating the world-influenced sound of his former band Vampire Weekend, producing all...

The Van Buren combines music and history in downtown Phoenix

Outside of the Van Buren at night

Ian Graham, Reporter

September 1, 2017

Last year, Charlie Levy announced plans to open a venue for live music in downtown Phoenix. Levy’s vision for the space was to create a stage for large acts to perform on, in a theater capable of holding over one thousand fans. Renovations ensued, acts were booked, and the Van Buren was set to open ...

History teacher pursues musical passion

History teacher pursues musical passion

Nikki Soto, Staff reporter

May 21, 2017

  Teachers strive to motivate students to follow their passions, no matter how abstract they may seem. U.S. and World History teacher Paul Kreutz does this by embodying what it means to make a dream reality. A dedicated teacher and devoted musician, Kreutz is able to start the day sharin...

Annual St. Patty’s Day Pot of Gold music festival in the works

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March 10, 2017

Everyone loves a reason to party. Because of this, once ignored holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day have been amped to a level farther than initially intended to celebrate. Nonetheless, it is a reason to jubilate and enjoy some amazing music. The Pot of Gold music festival held in Chandler has become an a...

Lack of originality in entertainment needs revision

Lack of originality in entertainment needs revision

Brittany Tomes, Staff Reporter

December 14, 2016

One step forward, Two steps back. “We’ve just come to represent a decline in the standards of what we expect.” The 1975 said it right there. Within the past twenty years society has struggled with the concept of originality, the ability to put out new, intriguing ideas that are a person’s o...

Same old tune, just a new beat

Same old tune, just a new beat

Daisy Ramirez, Staff Reporter

December 14, 2016

Trying to accept that 2016 is coming to an end is hard to grasp. And while everyone's getting ready with their resolutions they hope to,but never actually accomplish, one subject remains controversial,music. Yes 2016 will definitely be remembered for more important matters, but it also was a wild rid...

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