Twist on the typical winter concert


Isabel Behrendt

Choir students perform "Hallelujah" with orchestra students at the winter orchestra concert.


The orchestra and choir winter concerts proved to be a unique blend of music and talent that showcased Perry’s most gifted musicians. Fine arts performances tend to set the mood for the holiday season. Each group sang or played a variety of holiday or classical compositions.The warmth of the holiday carols, and the sight students smiling and swaying to the rhythm showed the joy and cheer brought on by the choirs’ and orchestras’  passionate performance.

To make this concert more universal and captivating towards the audience, members from the school’s band, orchestra, and choir were all featured in the orchestra and choir winter concerts.

The mix of voices and instruments throughout the auditorium was truly earth-shattering, and it sent chills around the room with beautiful sounds bouncing off each wall.

Take orchestra for example: in this winter concert, the chamber orchestra performed “Fantasia on Greensleeves” that featured two flute leads: Se Bin Lee and Elliana Roesler. These performers were able to play with power, but were delicate and able to create a reverberating sound around the stage. Piano lead Cole Siegrist accompanied the chamber orchestra in “Stille Nacht” along with first-chair cellist Anya Yu also as a lead. Additionally, the choir ensemble sang the Hallelujah Chorus from the Messiah with the orchestra. Remarkably enough, the chamber orchestra had a violin or cello lead in the vast majority of their songs.

To accustom to the diverse audience, all orchestras played a mix of traditional and holiday music that gave a sophisticated twist on a classic piece that most could recognize.

Five days later, the choir groups held an phenomenal concert filled with joy, talent, and beautiful singing that made an ordinary holiday song extraordinary with advanced shifts in tone, complementary melodies and harmonies, and overall extremely happy students who were eager to showcase their talents that took several hours of dedicated practice and patience.

A total of six choirs ended up performing that night – including members of the Glee Club. As explained earlier, students were truly passionate about their music and it showed once they became one with the rhythm. The choir students were no exception! One of the best parts of the performance was seeing the students smile at each other and the audience as they sang their hearts out. This showed true dedication and that you can balance out professionalism and just plain fun!

Similar to the orchestra concert, members from band and orchestra accompanied the choir in their songs. Additionally, pianist Ben Scolaro accompanied almost every song sang by the choirs and made each voice tie in with each other.

Members from the orchestra accompanied the choirs in a total of three songs, and percussionists from the band accompanied the choirs in a total of six songs.

In other words, the choir and orchestra winter concerts were a professional-sounding and amazing collaboration with other talented musicians that proved how special and diverse Perry’s fine arts players and teachers truly are.