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December birthdays: miserable mess or blessing in disguise?

December birthdays: miserable mess or blessing in disguise?

Tyler Blandin, Website Director December 14, 2021

Every year a few poor souls have to wake up to a combined holiday and birthday celebration because they were unlucky enough to be born in December While most people get to enjoy two separate gift-receiving...

Finding out Santa is not real is a humorous yet sensitive. Read to hear the unique perspectives on finding the hard truth

Wait what?! Santa is not real?!

Presley Plant, Managing Editor December 14, 2021

Parents try to keep imagination preserved for as long as possible within their kids. People make up fairytales and myths to keep the adolescence within others. Parents tell these fantasies so well that...

Editorial written by junior staff reporter Lexi Amaro

I’ll be home for Christmas

Lexi Amaro, Staff Reporter December 14, 2021

My parents have been divorced my whole life, and every Christmas I've ever spent has been split between one parent or another. According to our joint custody agreement, whichever parent I'm missing on...

Senior gymnast Avery Bibbey practices her beam routine at gym every day. Bibbey is a level 10 at USA Illusions and has been doing gymnastics her whole life.

Winter break: athletes edition

Sabrina Digne, Sports Editor December 14, 2021

For most students, winter break is a time that brings relaxation and pure excitement. The two weeks between semesters includes multiple holidays that most students tend to look forward to. For student...

Sophomore Kacin Allred wraps presents near the Christmas tree waiting for the big day to come. Christmas, which is less than two weeks away, has changed significantly this year due to COVID-19.

Christmas traditions evolve alongside COVID-19 restrictions

Kyler Allred, Staff Reporter December 16, 2020

After the long and hard year of 2020, the light at the end of the tunnel is nearing. Christmas has been a joy in people’s lives for the longest time and now, amidst the pandemic, it is even more so....

In the Etsy shop CMKreations  you can buy personalized name rings made by Crystalina Hopkins.

Spice up Christmas presents with these personalized gifts

Dayton Jones, Sports editor December 16, 2020

Christmas can be a stressful time but figuring out what to get friends and loved ones should not add to the stress. Etsy has many shops featuring small business owners with an array of different and reasonably...

With 2020 being  a difficult year for many, hanging Christmas lights early. Decorating for Christmas begins a season of cheer as many people enjoy talking to and helping each other while hanging lights.

Hanging Christmas lights early: a simple way to show Christmas cheer

Ashlyn Miner , News Editor December 16, 2020

The passing of Thanksgiving means the Christmas season is on its way for many. The ushering in of Christmas means time with family, cooler weather, festive music, and of course the beautiful lights on...

Senior Manuel Trejo from Sonora, Mexico, 
junior Julian Sandoval from Chuhuahua, Mexico, and sophomore Bang Nguyen from Vietnam.

Three students navigate high school while learning to speak English

Gavin Brennan, Staff Reporter December 13, 2019

From picking out a prom dress, to finishing that one essay for American History, to navigating a football game, high school can foster a multitude of challenging situations, both socially and academically.  Now...

Point/Counterpoint: Too Soon or Too Late? Christmas festivities beginning to deck the halls  raises seasonal controversial events

Point/Counterpoint: Too Soon or Too Late? Christmas festivities beginning to deck the halls raises seasonal controversial events

Drew Charlet, Web Editor January 15, 2019

This part of the year is about gaining weight, spending time with family, and showing festivity. After Thanksgiving the holiday festivities begin for many families, but is that too early? Is it just right?...

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