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Divorce households around the holidays

River Bradshaw, Staff Reporter

December 14, 2018

Divorce is something that sends shockwaves through a family, and during the holidays the standard nightmare of being around in-laws and annoying cousins becomes ten times worse. This isn’t just a small issue considering that forty to fifty percent of marriages will end in a divorce, leaving half of...

Twist on the typical winter concert

Choir students perform

Isabel Behrendt, Staff Reporter

December 13, 2018

The orchestra and choir winter concerts proved to be a unique blend of music and talent that showcased Perry’s most gifted musicians. Fine arts performances tend to set the mood for the holiday season. Each group sang or played a variety of holiday or classical compositions.The warmth of the holiday carols, a...

Living in a split holiday home

Abby Knoblock, Staff Reporter

December 12, 2018

Growing up in a household that celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas strikes confusion. Explaining how I celebrated both when I was younger was difficult because I thought everyone celebrated both holiday’s until I grew up. I’m allowed to do both because only one of my parents are Jewish. ...

Principal Dan Serrano press conference 12/4/2018

Drew Charlet, Web Editor

December 5, 2018

Principal Dan Serrano's monthly press conference discusses changes to CUSD vape policy, campus construction, holiday traditions and more. Look for our next edition of the print Precedent on Dec. 19. ...

Surviving Easter with the family

Nikki Soto, Staff reporter

April 15, 2017

Growing into a teenager means growing out of many things. At a certain point, a teen would rather attend a costume party on Halloween than dress up to grovel for candy. The neighbors always seem to lose their smiles when they find that the knock on their door was from a ‘big kid’ and not a cute t...

Ideal Games for 2016 Holiday Season and Beyond

Gran Turimso Sport, coming in 2017.

Cameron Martin, Staff Reporter

December 15, 2016

Battlefield One “What follows is frontline combat. You are not expected to survive.” Those are the words set on  a stark black background. Battlefield 1 is not like other first person shooters tailored for the next-gen consoles. Its campaign is not made up of one long campaign. Instead, it cent...

When Buying A Holiday Sweater

Classic Ugly Sweater

Kendall MacGregor, Staff Reporter

December 10, 2015

Tis’ the season for sweaters, especially your ugly holiday sweaters. We are well aware of the blatant fact of how tacky and ridiculous you look, but hey, why not? It is just being festive. Who cares anyway, it is funny right? Go, rush to the very back of your closet and dig out those crumbled sweater...

Intertwining of School and Religion

Michelle Bolden, Staff Reporter

December 11, 2014

Recently, the Maryland County Board of education cleaned their upcoming 2015-2016 calendar of any holiday references. This decision, which was a 7-to-1 vote, was made after a few Muslim leaders requested that Eid al-Adha, the Muslim equivalent of Christianity's celebration of Christmas, be mentioned...

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