Scholarships for Gamers

Most people have played video games at least once in their life, and some play them for just a couple hours after school. But very dedicated students in high schools around America grind out thousands of hours in their favorite games. Perry is home to those select students and has established a club and esports league for them.

Even though most parents think that would be a waste of time, it has already started paying off for students at Perry. Quite literally, some colleges are now offering kids in high schools scholarships to come play competitive esports for them.

However, since the esports scene all around America is just starting out, most colleges do not have well enough funded programs set up to offer students full or even partial ride scholarships, especially if the game the kid plays is not the most mainstream competitive game. Perry’s Rainbow Six Siege Xbox team have already received $150 in scholarship money for winning the winter seasons national title, but since it’s not as mainstream for Xbox then it’s often overlooked for larger prizes.

Freshman Dominic Garcia who is the team captain believes that’s about the extent of what he is going to receive “The scene is growing but I don’t know if in 4 years they will be ready to be giving out scholarships in esports,” and especially since “it [Rainbow Six Siege] is mostly looked at for Pc.”

Senior Derek Ho who helped set up the gaming club and runs the esports leagues at this school is hoping that “as the popularity [of esports] increases then the prize pool will go up.”