The Precedent

  • March 31An Aviation Affair (PROM) April 23 2016

Scholarships for Gamers

April 25, 2019

Most people have played video games at least once in their life, and some play them for just a couple hours after school. But very dedicated students in high schools around America grind out thousands of hours in their favorite games. Perry is home to those select students and has established a club and ...

E-sports Steadfast Start

E-sports Steadfast Start

River Bradshaw, Staff Reporter

September 24, 2018

There are a staggering 25 thousand people scattered throughout Arizona that are competing on high school E-Sports teams. E-Sports may be just getting its sea legs right now but soon it will be up and sailing into unknown territories. This is the result of the drive and the passion being put in by all th...

The student voice of Perry High School
Derek Ho