Cover of community magazine features Perry student’s work


Jadyn Clement

The photo, featuring junior Ellie Butler, chosen to be featured on the cover of Gilbert Lifestyle Magazine. The photo was taken by AP Photography student, Jadyn Clement.

For most high school students and adults, childhood hobbies do not often come to fruition later on in life. Not many twenty year olds are interested in the same things that they were when they were three. Otherwise, we would have a lot more astronauts and fairy princesses living among us. 

While this may not be true of most teenagers and adults, it is not true for senior Jadyn Clement, a photography student. Clement, who was chosen as the student of the year out of the photography classes as a junior, stated that she has been taking photos since she was a kid, and “started really getting into it about three years ago.” 

Now, as a senior, Clement takes Renee Clancy’s AP Digital Photography Class, and was recently presented with the opportunity to have her work featured on the cover of a local magazine. 

According to Clement, the publisher of Gilbert Lifestyle Magazine reached out to Clancy, looking for pictures to feature on the cover of their publication. “[Clancy] asked me if she could show them mine, and they really liked it,” Clement said. 

The photo that ended up being chosen features another Perry student, junior Ellie Butler, as the model in a flowy cream colored dress, frozen in motion as she sprints down a deserted street towards a mountain range. 

Butler, a photography student herself, commented that she sometimes models for other photographers to help out. She also detailed the preparation that went into the shoot, which included “choosing the dress that complimented the desert-like area [they] were in and finding that location.”

We were trying to create a photo that represented nature and adventure.”

— Jadyn Clement

Clement explained the inspiration behind the shoot and the photo. “I am doing my AP portfolio on what people are passionate about,” she stated. “We were trying to create a photo that represented nature and adventure.” Photography teacher Renee Clancy also included that Clement wanted the photo to “encapsulate[d] how everyone [feels] like they just want[ed] to escape right now.”

Not only did the photo capture the attention of the Gilbert Lifestyle Magazine publishers, but it is also being hung up at the community-based Sunflower Bank.

Clement’s photographs and accomplishment are one more example of the talent that Perry students have- and will continue to- exhibit.