E-Sports Ready for Action


Karson Krause

Sebastian Torres playing Rocket League during practice. Practice mode is used a lot to widen skills

The E-Sports club is in search of new members. Every season plays through Jan. 31 through April 14 and those who join are taken through 11 matches with various other teams, once the players are determined through these games, the final few are taken to the playoffs then finals. The district only allows certain games to be played during these times, only including three games: League of Legends, Super Smash Bros, and Rocket League. The club is a non judgmental place to be able to practice any preferred skills online, and having the opportunity to create a challenge for other players in tournaments. Nothing is required to join the club either, Kids who have a passion for video game careers can join this by talking to Brian Dahlem in F407 about the E-Sports club.

To join the club, The members are able to select which games they would like to participate in and can practice any games they are limited to before 4 p.m. where they play online on specific games against each other. On Tuesdays, they play League of Legends, on Wednesdays they play Super Smash Bros, and on Thursdays they play Rocket League. When preparing for the tournaments, students from all over the Chandler Unified School District are gathered to be split into separate groups to compete in a bracket through the three other games. The winners are rewarded with medals for the top three final players in each game.
Based on the medals and scores some players have, colleges scout these matches to recruit them to their own teams, leading to. matches to oversee Many jobs can be found in competing online. Most popular are becoming media/video game streamers, where they can stream their competitions or market themselves. Commonly, some go onto designing the video game itself, becoming a game designer or management, where students are able to use limitless imagination in a game. E-Sports teams also need coaches, who teach the players their ways around the game. Some also consider becoming involved in E-Sports Sales or Reports, who control the sales and where the games are able to be played on.
E-Sports is an uncommon hobby that is available to any interested student. This club can also open up potential scholarships and grants to join the E-Sports club in a University. Dahlem mentions the school helps recruit students into colleges. “There are several colleges who recruit people for E-Sports with scholarships, opportunities and professional sponsorships as well.” For example, The University of California at Irvine offers Varsity Scholarships for League of Legend for up to $6,000 and up to $1,000 in junior Varsity. Although, Arcadia University offers fuller scholarships, even with all the same games that the club has as well.
The industry is opening for more opportunities in the virtual world, especially in the digital age. Many more jobs are available for younger workers who are new to the work field and interested in virtual media as well as design. This can help majorly for the next generation, seeing as it will not be easy to fill the jobs that are due to be lost in the next decade.