Men’s soccer team is staying strong


Dayton Jones

Season 2019-2020, men’s soccer game. Many players of last year are on the team this year.

The men’s soccer team is doing their best preparing for the season, still expecting it to take place. Amidst COVID-19 concerns, much has changed but the soccer team is full of hope.

Precautions surrounding COVID-19 have prevented the soccer locker class but players are still preparing. Senior midfielder Logan Hill said, “Since the weights class is online I’ve had to make sure I get myself out and exercising and building muscle so I can be ready to get back into it.” Many of the team’s players appear to be hard at work, Head coach Jason Berg is not concerned and said, “We are preparing for the season like we would any other year.”

COVID-19 has created major changes in schooling, this has caused issues surrounding sports. The whole district has experienced disturbances, if the season takes place it will likely be abnormal.

The absence of soccer weight lifting class during the first quarter has slowed the creation of team chemistry. A senior on the team, Cole Graham, said, “The goal at the end of the year is to be one team all going for the same goal”. After expressing their concern, Coach Berg and Graham seemed confident in their ability to overcome the setback.

Regarding safety precautions, Graham said, “Somethings like drills or how we travel or sit together will have to look different in the sense of trying to protect one another as teammates.”  Hill adds, “I think if everyone just had a mask on it would suffice.” Player safety will be a major priority, it will be interesting to see what precautions are put in place.

The structure regarding the season is yet to be determined.  Berg said, “It could be a shorten season pertaining to games, or could be a lot of games in a shorter time.” The upcoming football season will likely display a structure that the soccer season will share.

With many of the previous players graduated, and without bonus soccer practice that comes with being on campus, the team is unpredictable. Neither practice nor tryouts have taken place, the team has many possibilities.

After talking about the unknowns of the team, Graham said, “I think our team this year will put up a good fight.” The team has faith in their ability to overcome such issues when they start practicing again. Players believe in each other’s ability and that attitude will show in their performance. 

With all of the concerns surrounding the upcoming season, the players are still in anticipation. When asked about what he thought about the upcoming season, Hill said, “It will be a lot of fun with the boys.” Regardless of the issues, this season will still be enjoyable for players and fans.

The issues are likely being faced by other teams, as well as other potential problems. The soccer team will be at no disadvantage to their competitors. Fans should not be left behind, the team will have a good year.