Determined and Driven Leadership


Laney Wardell

Jenna Heller serving at state

This upcoming year, students are looking for talented athletes to step up and lead the way. Jenna Heller is a Junior who plays both Beach and Indoor volleyball.“I enjoy volleyball because it gives me instant friends, I’ve grown up playing the sport, and I am very competitive so this helps with that,” 

As an Indoor Volleyball captain, she led the way to state championships where they got second place after a promising season. Heller is smart as a volleyball player, with stats that are far above the national average. ”Some of my strengths as a player are my knowledge of the game. I have been playing for so long that I know how to expose the opponents’ weaknesses,” Heller said. In the fall 2019 season, she had 47 assists, 283 digs, and 62 kills. 

Next year, Heller will have big shoes to fill: bringing the team back together after major setbacks this year and leading the team to bigger and better things. “I want to get a state ring out of next season.  It will be my last time wearing a Perry Jersey with all my best friends. We have been so close but missed the chance and we just want to be able to see that banner hang over the gym,” Heller said. 

The team is hoping to recover from this major setback in their season

and has motivated them for their future. “It has changed next year’s season so far because it has made me and all my teammates more focused, but it is a major setback not being able to be in the court playing. I know for me and most of the girls this is the hardest time we have had off from volleyball in 5 or 6 years.” Heller said. 

Junior, Alyssa Montoya notes, “Everything we are doing right now will lead to a successful senior season,” 

The team is letting this time off change them for better or worse. “We are all working nonstop and… getting together twice a week to practice so we are still able to play,” 

With the team’s work ethic and optimism, we are looking toward a successful season when schools open back up next fall.