Beach Volleyball: Experienced and Loaded with potential


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Did you know Perry has a beach volleyball team? Most people do not. The beach volleyball team is for sure one of Perry’s best-kept secrets.        

 It all began five years ago, when students showed interest. “Five years ago, they wanted a sand volleyball team and I said no way. But look at it now,” Principal Dan Serrano said.

It is true that the team has come very far. 

Last year, the team went on to dominate many teams in the state, ending their season 11-1 overall but lost the state championships.

 There is a lot of improvement that needs to happen over the next couple of months if the team wants to get to state again. “It’s always the goal to go after state championships. “It’s something that’s easy to say and hard to do.” Coach Mann said.  

 They have many players have showed a lot of skill the past couple years, and there are potentially many incoming juniors and seniors who have talent and experience.

Principal Serrano noted that, “in my observations, the best chance to win championships is when you have a lot of seniors.”

 The team has a good bond as well. “Our team chemistry, spirit, passion, and trust made the team so special…it also helps that we have amazing athletes at Perry as well,” Junior Canon Bongard said. 

Coach Mann is a skilled and motivated coach who helps the Perry Pumas to work hard every day with warm ups, practices that prepare the team for every situation,  and “a team huddle to hype us up.” Said Bongard. Without a motivated coach or teacher, how can you expect the team to be successful?

Beach volleyball games are very fun and upbeat win or lose. The girls are playing down in the sand under the sun and both teams are having a good time. Coach Mann also helps to keep the mood fun and that the girls are ultimately doing their best “having fun with each other doing what we love.” Said Bongard. 

 The first game is March 4. At 4 p.m. at Casteel High School against Corona Del Sol.