Inexperience affecting Puma golfers play

After what Coach Nold believes was a disappointing start for his men’s golf teams season, he firmly trusts that his team just hasn’t played their best golf yet. He sees that “We need more consistency from top to bottom,” and understands there will be a few bumps in the road because of the lack of high school golf experience but looks to make those adjustments smooth and quickly.

Not only with the development of players but also defending the teams home course needs to be a significant step in this teams rise to the top of the rankings. So far, that has been an issue for the Pumas, as Nold clearly states, “for being at our home course and where we practice everyday… we need to play better.” As well as senior leader Tyler Macpherson backs coach Nold’s statement responding with “a lot of it’s mental and just course management because we already know it so well.”

Defending your home course and playing well there, is a crucial way for the Pumas to make a solid push for the state tournament.

With improved play at home and critical contributions from senior leaders TJ Sifferman and Tyler Macpherson, they look to turn things around! On the women’s side of the course, it tells a similar story. As Coach Uyeshiro enters his 2nd year under the helm of the women’s golf team, he believes that getting his players the experience they need to feel confident is crucial for this season.

Having only two returning golfers in their starting five, it can lead to mental mistakes and possible issues that the rest of the team has not encountered before.

As the season begins to unfold the team will look to lean on Malia Uyeshiro and lone senior Caitlin Chamalbide as they have had the most experience in the gold game. Malia thinks with improving the teams “short game a little more, we’d be that much better.”

Malia Uyeshiro, has continued her strong performance throughout the season so far and that picked back up on Monday, Sept. seconds match between Chandler and Basha High School, as Malia earned medalist honors and shot one-over-par. With the golf team being so inexperienced, we can still expect some ups and downs throughout the season as the team goes through many learning curves.

The Pumas are set to square off next Sept. 30th against Xavier and Mountain View, as they try to continue their hot streak of wins!