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Football Players’ Refute Homecoming Events as Distractions

Perry athlete maneuvers through Corona defense.

Perry athlete maneuvers through Corona defense.

Abby Hannon

Abby Hannon

Perry athlete maneuvers through Corona defense.


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The bright lights, the big stage, the annual homecoming game. Football players mark their schedules every year for this particular game, but do all the events that tie in with homecoming cause a distraction for the team and their performance for the highly anticipated game?

The common perception is that the dance, carnival, and pictures, all create stress for the football players, but in reality it provides a different spark due to all the fans high energy and continued rowdiness.

Senior Guard Kaiden Baxter spoke about the potential homecoming distractions, but immediately denied any part of the events as being a nuisance..

“For me, I don’t think all the events are a distraction. I am really in the moment when I play. I do not think about friends or family at all. All I think about is making sure I do my assignments right, “ Baxter said.

Due to all of the extra curricular events that took place on campus this past week, would the coaching staff have a different preparation and game plan for the big game?

Senior Center Zach Neff made it clear that the preparation for the homecoming game is just the same as if it were any other game.

“No, it is just a normal game. The only thing different about this game is that everyone just gets more excited and our coach always tells us to make good choices since it is homecoming weekend.”

The Pumas squared off with Corona on Friday night and the players were not shy to let their performance on the field do the talking.

The Pumas won astoundingly against the Aztecs, scoring a season high 70 points. The team put any ounce of doubt to rest with their outstanding play on both sides of the ball.

Tight-end Tate Speaker, caught only one pass against Corona, but that one catch proved costly by putting six points on the board.

“The game is so special and without a doubt the game is more motivating due to our fans school spirit.”

The scorching Pumas look to improve to (6-0) this Friday against Highland, which would match last season’s winning streak.


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Football Players’ Refute Homecoming Events as Distractions