Counterpoint: Farther is better this winter


Anthony Puentes

Snow falling in cactus filled desert that’s decorated with holiday themed decor ranging from hats to multi-colored gifts.

Winter break is a staple of life and a clean break between semesters for many students. There is a new holiday schedule as well as different educational standards with the increased learning time. Winter break now starting on Dec. 22 instead of Dec. 16 students and faculty alike now have the opportunity to not only enjoy a little extra time after the holidays, but also a little extra time before. 

Education is an important part of an individual’s youth and being able to take in as much knowledge as you can in the short amount of time you are in school is of great importance, and what better way to do that then to push back extended breaks? Not only does this make the quarter prior to the break longer, but it also gives faculty members extra time to get stuff done without stressing over it to the last minute.

An extended quarter not only means the increase in time faculty members have to do stuff, like grading, or planning lessons. but it also means students have more time to learn and to enjoy school related activities they partake in like clubs or sports, as well as hanging out with friends they may or may not see so often off campus. Many benefits can be found with an extended quarter prior to the break, but what about the benefits during the break?  

Not only do you have to wait less time for the holidays to roll around after going on break, but you get to spend more time after the holidays with family and friends, allowing more time to reminisce on the holiday season and anything you have planned after. Whether it be a trip out of town or a cultural tradition, the possibilities are endless!

Winter break being pushed later in December also allows those more time to pre-plan for the holiday season. Setting up decorations, purchasing gifts, and bringing in that last holiday paycheck is something that no longer has to be stressful, but something thats slow and enjoyable without all the rush in a short amount of time.

Chandler Unified School District had the right idea pushing winter break later in the month this year, allowing a much needed change that benefits everyone. With this new added change comes a newfound joy this holiday season.